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  Spring Gully weekend

 SE Queensland

Spring Gully Stays weekend meet
Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th September, 2012


Life was so busy that I just had to get away. Where to go, What to do. Picked a favourite place only about one hour from home so meant we could arrive well into the dark if work got in the way. This spot also made it easy for our leader to post as a meet because he was on the road himself having been up to the best state visiting his grandchildren. All Rob had to do was change the date and the price and post. It was lucky as I was able to escape work early and so arrived before dark, that was a bonus.


Everyone bar Lisa and Greg were already set up or mostly set up when we arrived. Once hello's were done with and look for a spot to set up in the right direction to get the solar rays, it was a quick set up and an early evening drink. Well better tell the truth I had my first wine with Rob Norris twisting my arm to have one while Lindsay was off scouting a place to set up. There are just some things you have to do. While we were setting up the group were sitting on the lower level in the dark chatting away. The decision was made to try out John's new home made fire tin and what a good job he did with that. Things you can do when you have time on your hands because you have retired. Won't mention what I called John last meet when I heard he had taken the move to finish that four letter word called work. Well the fire did not want to play the game properly. It was not the fault of the tin but maybe the owner who was standing above it looking like he had put it out with his hose well that was the joke at the time. Greg C came to the rescue with his special liquid gulp and away went the fire.


Everyone went to prepare food for the evening meal before returning to the fire to socialise. The sky was clear with no moon so the stars and milkyway were fantastic. Saturday morning started with us trying out our new plunger coffee cups. Help was needed on how to use. Dianne came to the rescue, reading out aloud the instructions with Rob N taking pictures and giving his advice. The conversation came about where did you get them, Catch of the Day, the torch we had shown the night before, Catch of the Day to what else do you have new this weekend and showed the new quilt covers and where did you get them, Catch of the Day.


Breakfast was a bit late so we were running late and the 11 am morning tea was a little bit later than that. We had three day visitors arrive. Helen and Peter who were without their van as it was getting its service done before its warranty expired. Peter with Amber the dog, he came alone as his better half was working, seems we always pick meets for her working weekends and Tracy Kity Kat who I often catch up on the Thursday chat night or on Facebook. It was great catching up with them all. Morning tea was an enjoyable affair with lots of food, talking, people taking pictures especially Greg C who has the gear with his camera and lots of lens (there was lens envy from a number of people who like to take a picture or two) No doubt he got some great pictures. He even climbed up onto his spare wheel on the back of the van to get a shot.


Saturday afternoons activity for some of the group was a game of botchee. Interesting time and conversations around the silver balls. Stay clear of Matt as you never knew where the ball would go sometimes even straight up in the air. Rob N was painful to me as at least on two occasions I just missed out by less than half and inch on winning the pin. Saturday afternoon was much cooler than the day before so the fire was started in the fire ring and not Johnís fire tin and lots more timber used to keep us warm. It was great that we had a good fire as we needed the coals for a cake and guess what a changing of the guard. Matt did the cake and it was not a midnight one. He did such a fine job although he took a short cut and put all the icing mixture in the cake instead of one tablespoon for the swirl. No hot melted icing for him but a lot less washing up for Wendy.


I think the overnight temperature got to around 6 degrees so most people just took their time in getting up on Sunday. We were even looking for sun to sit in for our morning coffee to keep warm and it was at this place that a group got together and Rob N being on his best behaviour (not ) (did I say he was in fine form all weekend to one and all) was practicing wolf whistles at poor Lisa. She was trying to ignore him when she was ducking out of the van to take something out to the shower to rescue Greg who had forgotten something. Lisa then tried sneaking across to the toilet with the attitude of if I can't see them they canít see me. Well that did not work out as Rob N still had something to say. He even greeted Kerry the same way on her visit across the road. The morning progressed with follow up chats and lots of bonnets up especially for Matt's and Wendy's new car for them the red Pajero. They now have a new nick name the Red Family. Red car, red hair - Matt, red dog Cedar who. even has a red dog coat for cold weather camping, so the Red Family. Lots of advice was given, items check even fixed, with a new solar panel wired in the wrong way on a new van. Meters out from one or two people. Rob N even got his tyre pressure gauges working.


We had two camper trailers on the meet, Matt and Wendy with the Lifestyle, Ian and Dianne with the Mod Con Origin, Kevin and his friends, (himself) as Kathleen had to take children to competitions, Greg and Lisa with the Jayco Starcraft (2 weeks old) van a replacement for the Jayco Finch, John and Penny with the Sunland Patriot van plus the touring tent for daughter Melinda and son in law Gordon, Greg and Kerry in the Jayco Stirling van, Rob and Dianne in the Pacific model 2 as well as us Lindsay and Robyn in the Pacific model 3.

We hope everyone totally enjoyed themselves, I know we did except for Lindsay suffering the worst case of hayfever. It was a small meet probably not helped with the short notice, sorry Helen but it was the only one I could fit in before the school holidays or the national meet but you did get to have a great day visit staying for most of the day. It was a very sociable time because you got a chance to communicate with everyone.

Look forward to seeing you next time somewhere out in the great outdoors.

Robyn and Lindsay.




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