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Spring Gully Stays weekend meet



SE Qld members weekend meet

Spring Gully Stays

held on the weekend of Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th of August 2008


    The first Queensland meet of the 2008 year was held at Springully, a return visit just over 12 months from the first visit in 2007 although this time we bushed camped away from the showers and toilets on the opposite side of the flowing creek.  Being a bush camp we had to be self sufficient with toilet and shower facilities.  This started the preparation early for a number of members who needed to buy porta potties for the weekend.  After much discussion on the forum and on the chat line on sizes and what to buy, Helen and Peter started the ball rolling by bidding on ebay for one. This started a few more Queensland members looking on ebay with Robyn and Lindsay , Turtle and  Rod Luhrs who was unlucky to have a conference on the meet also purchasing one.  Paul the owner of Springully then at the last minute decided to put a brand new porta loo on the site but it wasnít till we had all christened our brand new toys.

    The only members to arrive on the Thursday was Helen and Peter who came and set up on the best spot of the camp, right next to the water which was running over the rocks.   Great relaxing night time music.  They left Jake, Helenís father at home due to the cold. Well that was their excuse, they really just wanted to have the place to themselves for the night.  From what I heard, out in the open shower for Peter and Helen has the picture to prove it but she did not share.  Peter trying to get back across from the other side of the creek via rocks in the water carrying blocks of timber under both arms and trying not to fall in which was a great feat as he had already had a port or two or three.  Who knows what else happened while they were all on their lonesome.

    With Friday came the arrival of Turtle, (Graham) Helena and Amelia, Lauren and Elanore plus mother in law, Teresa.  Turtle tells me he had a mental health day from work to enable him to come at this time. Must take my hat off to them to camp with 3 children under 4 years of age. 

    Other members to come along were Chris and Diane, Rick and Carol, Rob and Dianne and Granddaughter Jordan, Mary and Michael plus Rachel and David, Damian and Tricia plus Aidan and Jordan who last camped with the group three years ago and in his words he might not be welcome back till another three years.  Not true, you were a great help to Turtle putting the tree root onto the fire.  We, Robyn and Lindsay also arrived before dark but this was because I did have a day off work because I was ill. Even then it took us nearly all day to pack as Lindsay had been sick most of the week as well. Another member to arrive on the Friday night was Kate and Paul.

     It was a busy time for the members catching up on what everyone had been doing since the last meet and working out where we would have a communal fire and organising our own teas etc that we ended up having a couple of fires around camps and kept the spot for the communal one for the Saturday night when everyone was there.

    Saturday saw the arrival of our day guests of Alan and Kathy, Rex and Ann on their motorbike just in time for the meet and greet morning tea which we had late to enable them to join in.  Food was in abundance with Mary making a chocolate cake in her Dream Pot and myself making fresh scones in the Cobb.  Diane also made scones in her Cobb but had to beg heat beads from other members as Rob forgot to pack quite a few things in his rush to get away.  Next meet we need timber he has the bag already to go as well as a new bag of heat beads.  Much discussion was held with Alan and Kathy about selling his hard sided caravan and his new hard sided camper trailer that should have been ready for the weekend but had been delayed as often happens with the purchase of new toys. Especially when you alter them from the original one available.  We look forward to seeing it at the next meet at Andrew Drynan but of course people at Peak Hill will see it before us.

    Just after the late morning tea and all the food was gone, Gus and Jill, Clancy and Jayden arrived.  They circulated around talking to one and all and late in the afternoon after Les and Sue arrived and had set up camp, Jill used the whip and told Gus to hurry up and set up camp before dark.  Just on dusk Noel and Cathi arrived but were on the wrong side of the creek and after much waving and calling out were told to go back to the road and come in on the correct side.  Cathi said they had fun finding it as they were not reading the directions correctly thinking it was 4 kilometers when it was 4 creek crossings.  Think they were set up before Gus and Jill as well.

    Saturday nights fire was great with a big gathering around the fire made possible by Turtle and Damian putting one huge tree stump on the fire.  With lots of timber around it the fire went all night and the next morning all that was needed was a little bit of thin timber on the fire and away it went again.  There was enough coals that I managed to make the cake that everyone demanded in the icebreakers that I must do even if it was a bit late and a quite a few had headed off to bed. There is method in my madness for that. Less people to share the cake and I donít have to make two.  As per usual last standing around the fire were Jill, Lindsay and myself but I had to wake Lindsay up and tell him to go to bed as I couldnít hear Jill talking over his gentle snoring.

    Sunday saw people having a leisurely breakfast.  John and Penny arrived for a day visit and talked to people moving on the next camp when people were packing around them.  We were the last to leave arriving home just on dark as we joined Gus and Jill for late afternoon nibbles and a drink for me as I wasnít driving and a coffee for Lindsay.

    Some of the highlights of the weekend were..........

* Peter and Helen both thinking that the rest of their roast chicken from tea had been put in the frig when in fact Benji decided he should have a treat.

* The kids all enjoying themselves up and down the hill behind us and playing in the creek.  The look on David's face when he fell in the creek was classic.

* Rob  sitting in the sun on the opposite side of the creek with his friends.

* Jill walking around with her wine in a special wine cooler.

* Diane and Chris trying to cross the creek without falling in.

* Noel and Cathi and John and Penny in their cars on the wrong side of the creek.

* Rob saying he had to be home around 4 to have time to unpack and being told that there was nothing to unpack as he had left most of it at home.

* Cathi and Noel bringing a powerpoint show of their recent trip to the cape.

    I hope everyone had a good time and I look forward too the next time.


Robyn and Lindsay



turtle's view

    Well what can I say... What a great weekend, blue skies, cool mornings, hot fires, cold drinks aplenty and good friends. The orange poppy seed cake was a big hit (thanks Robyn... You lived up to your praise) as was the barrage of day visitors... All a pleasure to see again. Peters fireside antics of wearing next to no clothes and bare feet was a little brave for most of us.

    Damian was a asset by the fireside for his humour and pyromaniac tendencies. Between Damian and Gus there would have to be a competition as to who will be the next Idol. Gus was doing a good job of playing Gus (very successfully too) and Jill with her 'bloody oath' shampoo bottle cooler was a sight to behold, let alone listen to. I think she laid an egg at one stage but that hasn't actually been confirmed as yet... We are still tracking down the

    Noel the Guinness King, ripped his ball out for us all to have a quick look at by the fireside to a huge cheer from the watchful appreciative audience amid wild applause. Not a bad effort for a Hilux driver really. Rob was there, Rob the rugby playing, globe trotting, holidaying superstar. The master of relaxation and semi-serious fireside drinking. I would have loved it if you could have stayed up later and had a real session with me cobber. What more can I say... A Playdo driver.

    Rick and Carol made a seemingly impressive sight by the fire with Carols weird but wonderful dangly bit she referred to as a hat. I'm sure they were warm, but we would probably have to ask Rick. Rick? The M&M show (Mary and Michael and billy lids) were in full swing by day but very quiet under the cover of darkness. Its good to see we have some members who can contain themselves and wake up fresh in the mornings. Les and Sue made an appearance and staked out an early fireside spot ready for a serious session. The fireside frivolity was outstanding I must say.

    Anyway this is not the official write up for the weekend, its just the lucid rambling of another crazed camperhead who was lucky enough to share in the Spring Gully experience with some great people. Thanks to everyone for your friendship and hospitality over the weekend. My little ones loved the experience.

                     Warm Regards






photos by Robyn >>>>>


Group circle Group circle Peter getting another scone Visitors arrived at Morning tea

Helen you need a drink in your hand Dianne thinking will I get to the other side Carols small step for the fridge Rick and Carol Camp

Rob and Dianne Camp Peter and Helen Camp Peter relaxing Diane and Chris Camp

Diane waiting for Chris to get wet Diane trying not to fall in with help from Chris Rob stuck in the creek Robyn and Lindsay Camp

Gus and Family have arrived Mary and Michael Camp Damian and Family camp The Turtle Camp


Rick getting his drinks Rick using the big step to reach the frig Turtle and Damians Log Fire Discussion


Rob burning off a log Fire Fire Carol & Rick keeping warm


Less saying so big and Turtle knocked over with the size Helena & Turtle Les & Sue Less and Sue Webb Camp Kate and Paul
photos by Helen >>>>>






photos by Carol >>>>>


cake - gold cake magicians look benji wonders look no here look


look there's one more now thats a fire photographer


redclaw turtle's cordial waiting on cake yes old chap


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