Past Events

Spring Gully Stays weekend


SE Queensland
Spring Gully Stays weekend meet


over the weekend of 28th to 29th November 2009



    The third get together this year in South East Queensland was held at Spring Gully Stays, a place that the CamperTrailers Group has now visited as a camp meet three times and some members having also been camping there at other times during the year as it is a very relaxing place to camp.


    The first to arrive was Neil and Margaret who set up camp out in the open before everyone started to arrive. Darryl and Barb put up camp next to them. As more people arrived the following day and realising how hot the weekend was, people ventured further along the creek to set up under the shady trees. Sandy and Jacqui were the only ones to miss out on the Friday night as they arrived on the Saturday. Even Gus and Jill arrived before midnight with the boys put to work setting up the camp. Jill thought about sneaking off to celebrate around the fire but she stayed and helped.


    The night cooled down enough that we were able to sit around the fire which needed to be lit for the normal cake. Just had to do it on the Friday night as Noel the biggest fan of the cakes was not going to be camping with us on the Saturday night. He kept saying I didn’t have to make it, it was alright, but I knew he wanted one. Have to admit it was one of the better ones and there was certainly none left, no crumbs at all but then Noel was there wasn’t he, even Cathi was surprised as this was the first time she had tried some. I had full intentions of making another one the next night especially as I was going to take a picture of it and email a copy to Noel, but then the crowd decided I could have a night off and for once I listened to them, so sorry Sandy and Jacqui next time. Noel brought out the port to help wash down the cake which set up the night for lots of discussion and laughs.


    We had a morning tea get together, well it was more 10-11ish as most people had late breakfasts me included and I also needed to start the Cobb to heat up some frozen quiches. Rob and Diane arrived for a day visit with great timing to have a chat with members and enjoy the morning tea. Problem for me and the quiches was that Noel was next to our camp with Rob talking to him and had already spotted me taking them out of the Cobb. They both stole a couple before they even got to the group although they did complain that they were hot. Don’t know why when they had just come out of the oven. Rob ended up hiding his in his pocket to try and steal another one till it was obvious that it was causing a bit too much heat on his body. Mental note if I do that again need to buy two boxes. Morning tea continued on to well past lunch with lots of networking between the members. Rob and Diane were asked by many about their new camper on order.


    Our day visitor left for another function and people wandered off to do their own thing. A number of people went and sat in the creek to cool down and of course that also became their bath for the night.


    A fire was lit on the Saturday night but as it was hotter, we sat further away from the fire. It was still good too look at it for atmosphere. Being a hot night lots of liquid was needed to keep cool. We had lots of laughs. I even shared the port with Gus even though he told me at a previous meet I was not to do that again. He doesn’t seem to remember that bit. I brought out a coloured magic light to have fun with but put it away when I realised that we could not use it around Barb. That was no problem but when Barb and Darryl left for the night and their camper was well away from the fire, Jill and Helen had lots of fun making patterns on themselves and on Rick and Carols van. This light now lives in Moree.


    Sunday saw people having a leisurely breakfast with some packing to leave early and some leaving late in the day. Gus and Jill and co and Neil and Margaret got to watch us all as they were staying the extra night.


    Some of the highlights of the weekend were…

  • Jill still in her PJ’s during the whole morning tea get together although on the Sunday morning was showered and dressed before I got out of bed. That could be because the elastic broke in her PJ’s that night.

  • The group naming Rob and Diane's new camper to PC2 and another name when too many drinks around.

  • Helen saying me please, me please when the port was offered on the Saturday night.

  • Helen admitting that she went to bed fully dressed that night.

  • Jill making patterns all over Rick and Carols caravan while Carol already in bed asleep as well as down her legs or under her chin.

  • Watching Peter lying on the ground doing modifications to the 12volt setup and double checking he was correctly clothed when I took a picture of him in that position

  • Everyone looking out for each other and saying you have a fly that has just landed so that you could kill before it bit you

  • Benji who kept going in and out of the van because he hated the flies…..but then so did all of us

  • Rick dropping water drops on me when I thought it was raining. Because I knew it wasn’t the seeds from the tree falling on me.

  • Rick telling me I could not walk a straight line on the Saturday night. Probably right but mental note not to drink as much port or definitely position myself so that he cant see me walk off to the loo.

  • Helen and Peter trying to tell members about an event at the last camp meet they were on

  • The fact that Rick was the in the last group to leave the fire each night. Normally would have been Carol.

    There was so much more but I cant remember them all in detail.


    Spring Gully is a great relaxing place although I would not pick late November again as it was too hot but the main reason was the amount of marsh flies, I think most people were not quick enough to stop them biting at least once. Although you could go another year and there would be none.


    I hope everyone had a great time and that the new members enjoyed themselves and were made to feel welcome. I apologise if I did not get a picture of everyone's set up for report. My camera battery discharged and then the charger for it died. Lindsay tried to repair it and it had Rick and Lindsay discussing all the stuff that was inside the charger. We have since replaced the charger with a new setup which came with both a 12 volt and 240 charger and a new battery for around $40 delivered. Was not worth trying to repair the old one or spend the time trying to locate the fault.





◊  Lindsay and Robyn (Hosts) with the Trackabout
◊  Peter, Helen, Jake and Benji introducing their Jayco Swan
◊  Rick and Carol with the Supreme Getaway
◊  Gus, Jill Clancy, Jayden and Bree with the usual one no name camper
◊  Neil and Margaret with the Jayco Eagle
◊  Darryl and Barb with the Market Direct Camper soon one day to be replaced with a hardside hardfloor camper.
◊  Noel and Cathi with their caravan which had great modifications done to it since having to repair it from their last trip away.
     and first time CamperTrailers campers 
◊  Paul and Wendy with a Cub
◊  Merve and Colleen with a very interesting and well home built hard floor over the side camper
◊  Sandy, Jacqui and Ruby the dog.


    I look forward to the next meet in 2010 where ever it maybe.


Robyn and Lindsay