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  Spring Gully weekend


Spring Gully Stays weekend meet

SE Qld members meet near Canungra

held on the weekend of Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th of August 2007


   Well the long dry continues and even planning a weekend away in the CTs couldn't burst the bubble (as usual).

   Another fine and glorious weekend was enjoyed by all - at least Canungra Creek was flowing which did provide some of us with a sound not heard for some time.

   The hosts Helen and Peter arrived a few days ahead to ensure all was right for the weekend. Jake and Benji would have to sit and watch the setting up - the occasional ball thrown to Benji to keep him satisfied.

   Others arrived early too (Kate and Paul along with Ella, Alan and Kathy) and savoured the serenity of the place before the majority of us arrived Friday.

   Some were still setting up as darkness fell and others arrived after dark. Here I must say some of the new comers managed to set up like seasoned professionals - others not so quick but the result was near perfect. You don't have to be the fastest to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Keith, Debbie, Joshua and Natalie (+ Nakiska) balanced well on their little piece of turf. Ross and Lianne, with Krystofer and Teagan also did well in the encroaching darkness.

   Most of this was observed from the comfort of the fire (thanks to the hosts for conning the pile of wood out of the establishment).

   An impromptu happy hour had started (new attendees Bart and Jenny providing a few nibblies which encouraged a few more larder raids) and a few stories of recent trips, modifications and beverages ensued.

   Here also some slank away to eat - well most really - but soon returned to the fire.

   Unfortunately I didn't and fell asleep with the aid of very little alcohol (or so I am told - that the sounds of blissful snoring was heard by all and sundry - lesson here - don't camp so close to the fire). BUT it did have it's advantages later when I did catch some of the conversation.

   This night proved to be very entertaining and with some of the older hands away gallavanting across a few states or merely having some quality time without us - some of the newcomers stepped up to the plate and hit a few home runs.

   Firstly, it doesn't take a few meets to get Robyn and Lindsay to perform the magic camp oven cake bake - in the night too. (Noel - your piece is in the snail mail). The newcomers just had to ask and the process started.

   There must have been a need for some good coals as a lot of wood was burnt - perhaps the night was a little cold as well.

   Robyn prepared the mix - now was that Orange and Poppy seed with five turns left and four right or five right and four left - whichever (it had the crowd enthralled) - the proof was in the eating and it did not take long to devour. Sometime before the cake was ready though Carol went to bed and all I could here from the crowd salivating around the fire was "Bugger her she’s gone to bed - don't save her any"

   The smells of baking cake in the night must make the pallet dry - it appears a lot of moisture was required to keep the saliva flowing - or so I'm told.

   Finally the baking was complete - well near enough - the crowd couldn't wait. Lindsay pulled the camp oven from the fire and Robyn kept the crowd at bay whilst it could be removed a safe distance and iced. "Would anyone like a piece?" asked Robyn. "What of" was the reply as Robyn was left with an empty plate.

   Now it was time for the promised entertainment - part of the deal when you supply a cake.

   It was by all accounts a spectacular feat - even though I only heard the noise - it seems that a previous trick performed by Turtle was set as the benchmark. It must have taken some rehearsal but like a well performed ballet newcomer Linda rose to the occasion, was blasted off her feet by the aroma of the cake, grabbed at Tom for support and proceeded gracefully to look for glow worms in the grass. Well - that's what I was told.

   This was found to be hard to top so most other contestants retired for the night. It was so quiet after this. But some say there was a bit more crashing and banging going on back at Marge and Daves - did the table get remodelled?

   Another beautiful day - a few late risers - another newcomer Carl braved the creek (brave, very brave) and daughters Ashleigh and Emilly (Sammi the staffy too) soon followed. Also joined by Krystofer and Teagan.

   Some of the last arrivals put in an appearance - Bruce and Jenni, Glen and Andrea and Sam (and Poppy), Keith and Jenny and finally Gus and Jill with Erin, Clancy and Jaden (+Bree) after their trek from inland NSW.

   Somewhere here mornos was squeezed in and the usual meet and greets were done (with food, more food). We also had a few day visitors Rex and Ann on the Bike, Mel and Steve with Jessica and Tallarah (on the hunt for new abode) and Enid and John.

   The day settled into a quiet one for a while until a few bikey moles were seen living their dream on the back of the bike. Some looked very at home - others looked like they prefer the 4x4 comfort.

   Happy hour arrived all too soon and some lavish titbits hit the table. This led into dinner and a few shared taste tests were done to see who could really cook the best. Somewhere here it got a little hazy - too much good food and drink - I don't think any one food was better than the other - but those curries could be hotter.

   The night was a little disjointed here as we had the fire going, the entertainment area and a few private parties going at some CTs - one thing for sure though we enjoyed ourselves.

   By all accounts not as entertaining as the previous night - and I missed it.

   Sunday - bright and sunny - ahh Queensland.

   A little mingling, a few trips up to O'Reilly's and the State Forest, a few departures here and there, and suddenly it was all over for most of us.

   The trip home, the cleaning up and the memories.

   Thanks to Helen and Peter for the great weekend.

   A few moments to share:
Peter - Port is a twenty four hour drink
Jill’s reply - well only if your in a park with a paper bag
Clancy - What goes up must come down - pity about that toilet tent
Dave - I don't feel too well today - I think Robyn's cake made me crook

   Finally - next meet - probably Andrew Drynan - Alan and Kathy to host.

   I would add here for the new comers it isn't that hard to hold a meet. Find a place you like and tell Rob (mediator). He puts up the notice and poll. People come.

   No one cares if it doesn't all go to plan - that's life.

   Also I would add that if some of the older members would sit back and let the newer ones run their own meets things would all go a lot smoother. Some of our comments or interference can be off putting - give them a go - they all bring something new to the table and sometimes it is better than the same old thing.




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