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unsticking aluminium tent poles





unsticking aluminium tent poles


    Aluminium tent poles are a lot lighter & easier to slip into the pole bag because they do not have the locking screw on the outside which  always seem to catch on each other. Aluminium tent poles can easily be locked into the correct height with an internal cam by twisting the two halves in opposite directions.

    However at times the cam lock can seize & the pole cannot be collapsed when packing up. Using lubricants will attract dirt making the cam lock up more. Vices & pipe wrenches can crush the aluminium tubing so the two sections will not slide inside each other.

    Small strap clamps are a useful addition in your camper trailer toolbox. The clamps grip the tubing around its circumference & not in one or two places like a vice or pipe wrench would.


clamp straps



   The small strap spanners shown have many uses around the camp site and home. They are of special benefit to those suffering arthritis in removing stubborn screw caps and lids.

    Caution should be exercised when using designs with a raised knob as shown on the red spanner as excess pressure by that point can crush a tube or crack glass behind a screw thread.

    Before using on frozen tent pole tubes ensure as much grit, dust or sand that had caused the jam is first shaken out. Not doing so can result in the scoring of the friction locking surfaces and increased incidents of binding.

    Keep the straps clean and dry of residue from spray lubricants, cooking oils or other contaminants to prolong life and grip.


 thanks to Ewan McLeod for sharing this idea

introduction by Rob


january 2009