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 The Gorge weekend

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the gorge weekend

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th July, 2014

The “Gorge Camp” was enjoyed by all (so I was told). The majority arrived on the Friday bringing perfect weather, although a little windy. People came from the Gold Coast, up to north of Brisbane, out to Ipswich, one from Sydney and of course the “Moree Mob”.
There were two lots of visitors for the weekend and one day visitor. From what I was told, none had been to the Gorge before, so that was pleasing to be able to introduce a new camp to the org.


The weather was fine and sunny all the time but a little cool, down to 5 deg. Some “other” campers who were there before us commandeered the fire pit, so Val, the owner said we could make another but dismantle it on our departure. Matt, showed the way, as usual and constructed the fire pit, where as at the end of the camp, Monday am, Alan, cleared the pit and replaced the “divots”

Bill and Jen took their motorised canoe, down the road to Moogerah Dam, for a shake down cruise and reported all went well, more stable than anticipated and the little Mercury motor was more than adequate

Ray experimented with “time laps” photography ???? think he got it right, after a couple efforts ??

Gus and Jill arrived late Saturday, how-ever still day-light

Most had gone by mid Sunday, leaving about six of us (I think) to pack up on the Monday

A special thanks to Matt, who went off into town on Saturday for more wood, it seemed he supplied most of the wood for the camp fire...thanks Matt

A good turn up I feel...24 adults; 6 children (all well behaved); 6 dogs...also on their best behaviour

There was a good array of “accommodation”, from full vans, camper vans, pop tops, even to tents

I in conjunction with Angela, thank you for your company and in-put to the camp and look forward to the next gathering....

Gregory J, & Angela



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