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 The Poplars weekend

the poplars weekend

Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th of October 2015

Victoria has just hosted the first of what I hope will be many more camper trailer meetings. It was a perfect weekend away, the weather behaved for us. I had my delight taking part in my first ever camper trailer convoy as I followed John and Joyce from Ulladulla, their son Grant, also from Ulladulla in NSW, and from Wentworth Falls in NSW Ken and Olga.

Didn't take us long to get settled in at The Poplars, to get the fire going and to bend a couple of elbows. Ian and Sandra were already there and then the next day Adam, Bec and Zack arrived from Korumburra as well as Rob, Wendy and the long legged Bonny arrived from Melborne.

On Saturday after the "boys" had gone firewood collecting, we all trooped off to Toorongo Falls as well as the trestle bridge and a few of us hydrated ourselves at the Outpost Hotel. We had a wonderful communal dinner on Saturday night and I nominated and named John the "Fire King" as he kept it going the whole time as did Grant. And Joyce was named the "Damper Queen" Nutella and Cherry Damper is a taste sensation that my taste buds wont forget in a hurry, nor my hips!

As Adam said we came together as strangers and left as mates. Even the dogs Zara and Bonny got along although poor Bonny didn't have much of an option but to share her bed with Zara.

The next meet won't be until next year sometime, we didn't fully decide on a place nor date but once the New Year settles down we no doubt will start a where to next discussion. Cant wait!! For all you other Victorian members I hope to see many of you at the next meet!

Cheers and thanks again to all the people who came and made this weekend a great success.

Deb and Zara


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