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Towitta weekend

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towitta recreation park weekend

On the weekend of Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th September 2009.

Towitta Recreation Park is approx halfway between Kyneton and Sedan, South Australia.


    Shhhh !!!!!!!!    Please do this in small print Rob. hahaha


    Have been reluctant to publicly share this camp-ground, as you get exclusive use once booked. We had a great turnout of 22 campers enjoying a very relaxing weekend.


    We arrived about 7.30pm Friday night to a well lit up campsite and roaring fire.


    Max & Joyce used the meet for a stop-over on their trek from Ballina (NSW) to Adelaide and back home following the coast. It was their first meet and Max had a grin from ear to ear the whole weekend. Like all new members at meets, they were amazed how complete strangers could get along so well.


    It was unusual to share the campground with 200 freshly shorn sheep. Had to laugh when around 11pm both nights, the campfire ambience turned into a farmyard orchestra. Full moon brought out the warbling magpies, the sheep baa-ing, and the cow’s bellowing.


    With so much room, the campers spread out enjoying their own space. We had a few show and tell’s over the weekend with an array of cooking and camping gadgets on show.


    Saturday night was spent dining under the corrugated verandah with some delicious camp oven cooked meals and desserts on offer.


    We enjoyed the sounds of raindrops on the canvas early Sunday morning. By the time campers got out of bed, the sun was out drying the canvas.


    This was a very relaxing meet and a pleasure to host, with most only driving 1 to 2 hours to get to camp.



Rick & Cindy





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