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 securing camp equipment when unattended


 unit mounted to the toolbox of my camper trailer

    I have been seeking to find a way of securing my solar panel whilst I am camped for some time and wish to leave the camp site unattended. I have now purchased a product called “TOYLOK” - a retractable strong steel 5.6metre cable.

    The cable is sheathed in clear plastic. The unit is securely mounted to the side of the CT with security fastening bolts and measures 257mm x 375mm x 73mm when retracted.

    This unit, as its name perhaps suggests, can be used for securing a variety of items around the camp site.

    As I live in rural South Australia (almost the Bush) I obtained mine by ordering through a major car accessory firm with outlets in every state throughout Australia!

    For futher information check the Toylok website at




The cable partially extended – it can be looped back as shown and padlocked to the unit. The cable partially extended – in “flying” mode. Allows for a substantial sized padlock to be used

 thanks to Mike Fretwell for sharing this idea


july 2009