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trailer trolley









    Saves you from stretching, bending, lifting, and using your back as a crane to remove gear from the bottom of your trailer especially when it's on the side furthest away from you, also means you can get at your gear under the cover of the awning. The end of the trolley can rest on a stool or chair while unloading or loading.



40x20mm dressed pine
4mm ply sheet
6 small square base castors
liquid nails and screws
strip of carpet



Rectangular box crate, edge screwed and glued
Castors front rear and centre
Plywood floor and partial low ply sides

Easy to make, easy on the pocket.


now with teflon skids

    After feedback from the CamperTrailers Group forum with the possible durability of the castors on rough roads, I decided to try the blue poly boat trailer rubbing strips mentioned as an alternative to allow the draws to freely slide in & out of the trailer.

    These teflon strips are used as skids on boat trailers & come in 1500 x 50 x 15mm lengths & are available from all Whitworths Marine & Leisure stores. 

    There are 2 types of strips available, with or without grooves. I have used the grooved ones.  The product number is 91092 & are $9.90 each.

    The photo on right shows 3 blue poly trailer rubbing strips being installed on the draw bottom.




Thanks to Brian & Christine Moyse for sharing this idea


july 07