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Excel spreadsheet checklist for camping & travel gear

    I recently made a comprehensive list of all our camping gear. Like others we leave a lot of stuff in the 4wd and trailer while other stuff will depend on the length and type of trip undertaken.

    My method is a bit extreme! I used an Excel spreadsheet with everything listed by location. The idea is you compile the master list then copy it twice. Once you have a master spreadsheet you can create copies and sort them.

    The spreadsheet has a column with a key number against each item
1 Permanent items that need action/checking
2 Items that should always be added
3 Optional items that will depend on the nature of the trip
4 Items for longer trips only
5 Exceptional items that are very dependant on the type of trip
7 Permanent items
9 Spreadsheet instructions

    The first copy I delete the first 15 rows (of instructions) then highlight all columns then sort by item i.e. column E then A then B. This gives you an alphabetical list of items and shows where they are stored (if you haven't moved them!).

   The second copy list is sorted by key and you can use this as a checklist when you are packing for a trip. I highlight all columns then sort by column F then A then B. All the end rows relating to 7 and 9 can be deleted from this copy as they are not required for a checklist.

Microsoft Excel spreedsheet 90kb download


thanks to Mike Sargeant for sharing this spreadsheet.


 november 2008