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  upper colo weekend 2014

upper colo weekend

Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th March, 2014

Rob & Carol hosted their sixth Australian CamperTrailers Group weekend get together at the Upper Colo Reserve over the weekend of Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of March attracting around forty camper trailers, tents, windup & popup campers from as far afield as Brisbane, Wollongong, Dubbo & Orange.  

The days were warm & sunny starting with a morning fog, while afternoon thunderstorms just skirted the Colo Valley until Sunday when most were packing up to head home.

It is a pleasure to see such a large gathering of people from all walks of life gathering in a harmonious group with a common interest in camper trailers. There were no planned activities over the weekend. Members were free to either explore the area, sit & chat or browse the modifications others had done to their campers. These weekends are also a great way for members who do not yet own a camper to get a firsthand unbiased opinion of the vast array of camper trailer types & brands assembled.

Saturday afternoon saw a large group gather for happy hour under the BBQ shelter shed. Totally oblivious to Rob, Carol had been busy texting everyone the week before arranging a suprise birthday party for Rob's 60th. It wasn't until Rob saw the three birthday cakes sitting on the table, made by our CamperTrailers friends, that it actually clicked what was going on.

A big thanks to Joy, her daughter Karen & Jan for decorating his thong cake and also Barry & Margie for the SpongeBob sponge cake & the birthday cake with all those candles to blow out.

Highlight of the evening was a lap dance by one on the 'Graigette' dancing girls. It was heard she is now booked out for the next month after that performance. Thanks to everyone for the camaraderie & mateship over the years.

Rob Sanderson the man of thongs
Many have known a time long
Ever the smiling face we see
Always friendly I'm sure we'd all agree

Colo we had a party for you
Had some fun with jokes a few
Cake like a thong so appropriate for thee
Happy birthday mate for today your 60

George Mavros

A farewell party was held on Sunday afternoon for popular Upper Colo Reserve caretakers/ranger Zed & Fay who were moving to Tasmania. Rob thanked the couple for the enthusiasm & energy they had put into the reserve over the last 18 months making it a far better place than it had been before their arrival. He went on the wish them all the best on their new property & house build. Next door neighbors to the reserve were also sorry to see them go & presented Zed & Fay with two convict bricks to be used in their new house. Lets hope the new caretaker/ranger carries on where they have left off.    

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic weekend. Looking forward to next year.

Rob & Carol 





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