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Upper Yarra weekend meet



Victorian members meet near Warburton

Upper Yarra Reservoir

held on the Queen's Birthday long weekend 6th to 9th June 2008


    A group of around 30 enthusiastic campers met on the recent Queen’s Birthday weekend, June 6th – 9th, at the Upper Yarra Reservoir Park.  The park is up in the peaceful high country, 24km east of Warburton and is the uppermost point of the Yarra River accessible to the public.   We all enjoyed peaceful open spaces surrounded by eucalypt bushland and spectacular scenery. The park area was originally a small town constructed for the workers who built the dam between 1947 and 1957.

    Doug and I arrived before lunch time and with the help of the Ranger, Stewart, decided on the ideal area for our group to camp for the weekend.  By the time we were just about finished setting up, Anne and Bob arrived in their T-Van.  It was a glorious, sunny afternoon, which we spent enjoying the scenery and preparing for the chilly evening we knew was ahead of us.  Around 3pm saw the arrival of Rob and Eveline in their A-Van, and Rob’s mum Anne in her Black Wolf tent.  After they set up and got settled everyone gathered round the fire for happy hour before some tasty dishes were prepared for dinner.  No one strayed far from the fire that night, and most were looking forward to a cosy bed after a busy day.  So much so, in fact, that when it someone asked the time and it was announced that the time was 8.40pm, a big cheer went up as 9pm was approaching and that was considered the earliest respectable time to disappear to bed, which most did. 

     Saturday dawned a little overcast, but not too cold, but the fire was still appreciated for breakfast and coffee time.  While Doug and Rob went off to fetch more firewood (it would be needed to keep all campers warm on a June weekend), Rob’s sister Lee arrived with her husband Neil and baby son Addison in their Jayco Lark camper and were set up in no time.  Also following on their heels were Dale, Bernadette and Nicholas in the much-awaited Exodus and Kevin and his daughter Courtney in their Southern Cross with Jeff (Trev) and Mama the dog in the dome tent.  The afternoon was spent between leisurely set-ups and conversations round the fire, with Paul and Annie arriving not long after lunch with their Pioneer Onyx, on only its second outing. 

    We were really pleased that Dale, Karen, Em, Nick and Jez could drop in for the afternoon to visit.  They were well prepared and stayed until after tea time, with Dale making sure that he knew the correct lock-squeezing technique before darkness fell.   Dave, Jayne, Ryan and Serena arrived next with the star of the weekend, Missy, the 9-week old miniature fox terrier puppy.  After their extensive travel experience their expert and quick set-up put us all to shame – everyone had a job and got to it.  Dave P and daughter Alana made a safe arrival and there were many hands ready to help him set up his XTrail camper.  It’s always fun to watch five men do the work of two!!!  Dave’s partner Sue joined us after she finished work, when all the hard work had been done.  She’s not a silly lass!!   Last, but certainly not least was Ian and Sandy in their Dingo Off-Road, with so much fire wood that we all knew we would be right for the weekend and no one would be cold.

    With two fires burning brightly next to each other, and all sorts of delicious things being prepared for dinner, we all settled down at the fire for a night of good company and good conversation.  My Dream Pot came into it’s own that night keeping the mulled wine hot round the fire.  It’s always good for warming the cockles and it seemed to go down well with the other campers, some of whom had had it before, and others trying it for the first time – Ian only took a small glass at first, in case he didn’t like it, but after the third glass I decided he must have changed his mind!!  Slowly, after a while, people drifted away to bed, leaving the stayers by the fire, who stayed, and stayed…………….and stayed.

     It was cold early on Sunday morning, with a slight wind making it feel colder than the 6 degrees on the thermometer.  Neil was up early and got the fires going so that by the time most surfaced, they could enjoy their coffee or tea while warming themselves.    Leisurely breakfasts followed as more and more of the late night participants emerged into the daylight.  One of the activities that has become fairly standard on a camper trailer group meet is the walkabout, where we all get a chance to see everyone’s set ups; the good, the bad and the ugly.  No “ugly” on this trip though as we all spent an hour and a half being impressed with everything we saw.  We were joined by Paul and Leanne in time for walkabout, who were joining us for the day on Sunday.  A brilliant effort to come all the way from Warrnambool, while (im)patiently awaiting delivery of their new Ultimate in August.  The slight cloud cover cleared by lunch time and the afternoon was again, glorious.  Everyone made the most of the beautiful afternoon in their own way – some went for a drive, exploring the local area, others went for walks along the lovely trails in the park, Ryan and dad Dave took off on the mountain bikes, and others just sat back and relaxed in the sunshine. 

    We were delighted that a very new member, Peter and his wife, called in to say hello during the afternoon.  They had decided to pop in to see what went on at a meet and we hope that they liked what they saw and will join us on the next one.  I am always amazed at the creativity of campers in the kitchen when we all get together, and Sunday evenings’ dinner was no exception.  There were so many different, but mouth-watering smells happening, the dogs didn’t know which way to turn.  The sound of Lee and Neil’s roast in the spit oven, the delicious smoked trout of Rob and Eveline and the beautiful pot-roast that Dale put on fire was just a sample of what was on offer.  Roaring fires kept everyone warm while we chatted; talked about where we’d been and where we planned to go – and of course, the trip to Peak Hill later in the year.  It’s good to know that Victoria will have a good contingent attending the national meet this year.  Bed called earlier for all on Sunday night, and camp was quiet………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    On Monday morning, the clouds were back and the chill in the air meant everyone kept and eye on the sky in the hope that we would get a dry pack-up.  No one was in a great hurry to get away, and jobs got done in between cups of tea and fireside chats.  The rain kept away – just about – with a very light drizzle near lunch time – sending folk scurrying to get canvas packed before it got wet.  Annie and Paul produced cheese and nibbles at just the right time for the stragglers who were left.  Slowly we all got on our way, all except for Bob and Anne, who were staying an extra night (ah….the joys of being retired).


    Some of the highlights of the weekend:

*       Eager anticipation of 9pm on Friday night

*         Bob’s novelty firelighters

*          The secrets of the lock-squeezers

*          Serena and Jayne’s camp fire singing

*          Our youngest camper, Addison (1) and our oldest camper, his grandmother Anne (whose age I won’t publish, but I only hope I’m as good as her at that age!)

*          Our earliest to bed (Paul – 7.45pm on Sunday night) and our latest to bed (Trev – 4.30am on Saturday night – or Sunday morning)

*           Ryan’s appetite – two roast dinners on Sunday night!!!

*          Keeping the beer thieves at bay – at least I didn’t hear anyone complaining that he’d been visiting again…………

*          Thankfully shoogling was kept to a minimum due to cold temperatures although I did hear reports of Sandy having to shoogle twice on the way home

*           Dave’s toy hammer

*          Beautiful kids – of all ages – you were all great

    We were a bit apprehensive about hosting a weekend, hoping that all would go well, but when you have a great bunch of people like this, it couldn’t be any easier.  What do you want from a weekend like this – relaxation, meeting new and old friends, sharing interests, learning from each other – this Victorian meet delivered on all fronts.   Thanks to all those who attended and made the weekend a success.  We would also like to add our thanks to the Ranger, Stewart Cooper, whose help also made things a lot easier for us.

    Now all that is left is to wait for the next one………


words & photos by Jeannie Ramsay



Bob & Anne


Nissan Pathfinder

Rob & Eveline

Avan Aliner

Mazda Tribute


Black Wolf Tent

Toyota Camry

Lee, Neil & Addison (1 yr)

Jayco Camper

Holden Commodore Wagon

Dale, Bernadette & Nicholas (3 yrs)

Exodus Kingston

Holden Rodeo TD Dual Cab

Kevin & Courtney

Southern Cross

Toyota Prado 2001 V6

Jeff (Trev) & Mama the dog

Dome tent

Traveling with Kevin

Annie & Paul

Pioneer Onyx

Mitsubishi Pajero

David, Jayne, Ryan (16), Serena (11) & Missy the puppy

Tru Blue Hawk

Mitsubishi Pajero

David, Sue and Alana (3 yrs)



Ian & Sandy

Dingo Off-Road

Ford Maverick

Doug, Jeannie & Djindi the dog


Mazda Bravo TD Dual Cab

Dale, Karen, Emily, Nick, Jeremy

Day visit

Holden Commodore wagon

Paul and Leanne

Day visit

Nissan Navara Dual Cab



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