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Installing a water level indicator





installing a water level indicator

We have just finished fitting one to our Tvan and are very happy with the results. The sender unit can be fitted to almost any water tank, provided it is not more than 280mm in depth, by any handy person with moderate skills. The sender & gauge we fitted was developed by RV Electronics in SA and it was obtained from a local caravan parts retailer for $59.50. Additional sender units & 2.5m wiring extensions are available at a moderate cost.

There are two variations of gauge available, an oval one and a square one. We chose the square as it was the shape required for where we wanted to install the gauge.

Gaining access to the water tank on our Tvan was a challenge because aluminium drawers are fitted over the hatch in the floor that enables access to the plastic water tank. However, persistence and care won out. On the positive side though, it made for a great place to fit the gauge on the blank between the drawers and the wall.

The only other obstacle encountered was the wall thickness of the tank. This inhibited the correct operation of the supplied self sealing grommet which popped out when tightened. This was easily overcome by using a Stanley knife through the drilled hole to trim the burr inside the tank. By taking some additional plastic as well as the burr it had the effect of thinning the tank wall and the grommet then tightened and sealed correctly without any problems. The rest was straight forward.

Photos, additional information & detailed fitting instructions can be seen at the website.

Thanks to Keith & Annette for this info