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Wayne's Bike Rack for his Cub Camper





  Wayne's bike rack
for my 98 model cub

the beginnings

   After being inspired by the bike rack ideas on the’s tech tips pages I set about building my own version which could hinge down flat against the rack so I could flip the hardfloor over.

    I had to buy the 900mm box section. The two pieces of 450mm were bits from an old kitchen chair & the pipe was just a few bits I had laying around that fitted perfectly over the box section.

    I welded a couple bits of the box section to the side of the two pieces of pipe to make a hinge. Slipped those plus one piece of pipe in the middle of the base & welded on the uprights, then the braces.

    I then welded the whole unit onto the existing carry rack of the camper. Fitted a couple of spring clips to the existing carry rack to hold the bike rack in retracted position so I can flip open the camper.

    Total cost to me $20 for the box section, a few welding rods, time & patience.

cutting list

base and uprights - 3 x 25mm box section 900mm long
braces - 2 x 18mm box section  450mm long
hinge - 2 x 42mm outside diameter pipe x 80 mm long
hinge - 1 x 42mm outside diameter x 30mm long




bikes  in transport mode closeup


ready to flip the roof over Wayne's plans - 15kb pdf download


 thanks to Wayne Perry for sharing this idea


july 2010