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The Wharton's  weekend


The Wharton's Weekend

an invite to camp with Ian, Jayne & family at Flanagans Reserve

held on the weekend of Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th May 2007


    Friday afternoon arrived, after a busy day working, the kids came home from school, the car was packed, the dog was loaded, and off the Whartons left for a weekend at Flanagan Reserve.

    After battling some traffic through Park Ridge, I appreciated the brakes I had fitted to the camper trailer since our last trip. Arriving at Flanagans at about 7pm, we were greeted with a smile by the staff at the office and then proceeded to drive around in the dark looking for a suitable spot for us and the two other families who were arriving tomorrow.

    After being told off by the ranger for driving around the park with high beam on (it was only 7pm, I didn't really see the problem) we set up camp. We were all pooped from the day at work/school and setting up the camper, so dinner was a couple of tins heated on the stove.

    Next morning saw the Pye family arrive with their Jayco poptop. We had never met them before and were amazed to find they live in the next suburb to us and their kids go to the school up the road from us. Small world. Phil & Jenny Pye brought two of their children, Chris & Noah, as well as their Chinese exchange student, Peter, who was in for an education to say the least.!

    Noon saw the Brayshers arrive after a late start, who then entertained us by setting up their first time out, brand new 12ft Customline Camper with little help from the beer swilling spectators (us).

    Luckily we had all brought the kids bikes, so after everyone was set up, the kids took off to explore the area. Monty the dog made some new friends, and those of you who met him at Copeton will remember his timid tendencies. He is getting much better and made many new friends over the weekend, both human and canine.

    The kids had fun in the creek, swimming etc. The adults chatted, had a drink or two. The Pye family went off exploring the local real estate market, while the Whartons and Brayshers chatted and compared camper trailers etc.

    Saturday night was the compulsory chatting around the campfire until bedtime. Good conversation, good company, and a good drink or two.

    Sunday morning and we held a scavenger hunt for the kids. We split them up into teams, to help them get to know each other. After about an hour of collecting, the results were in. It was a close finish.
First place was Tara Wharton & Tegan Braysher. 18 points
Second was Kristofer Braysher, Chris Pye and Peter the exchange student. 17 1/2 points
Third place was Sean Wharton & Noah Pye. 17 points.

    The fire was started early in the afternoon to prepare some hot coals for Sunday nights cooking. The Wharton's fool proof camp oven stew was first in the coals, and after an hour was done to perfection. Next on the coals was the Pye family's damper. Lets just say, the coals were maybe too hot, or a little too close to the main fire, or the damper was left in a little long......after the black crusty outside was peeled away, the insides were tasty with some butter and syrup anyway! The was only to be capped off by me leaving my camp oven upturned on the fire to burn it out perhaps a little too long. When the cast iron was glowing red, I was told it was probably time to remove it from the fire!

    After a few wines and assorted drinks, more good conversation, it was off to bed.

    Next morning was a leisurely pack up, the Pye family getting an early start and farewelling everyone mid morning, the Brayshers and the Whartons started to pack up while the kids were still having fun in the creek. The Brayshers did well, having their new camper all packed up almost the same time precisely as the Whartons. After farewelling the Flanagans staff and thanking them for a great weekend, we all headed of to Maccas at Beaudesert for lunch on the way home. Judging by the number of people there, and the number of camper trailers on the roadside, many from Flanagans, Bigriggen and other assorted places had the same idea!.

    After lunch we said goodbye to the Brayshers and we headed for home, ready to plan and prepare for our next trip.

    To all those who can't always make it to the big get togethers, I can highly recommend organizing a small get together just as we did. It's amazing to see how well the kids got on together and how much we adults had to chat about over the weekend.


Ian & Jayne Wharton



photos by Ian >



afternoon tea

on the creek

on the creek on the creek


let's do it again our campsite scavenger hunt seen there


the Brayshers the Pye's Jayco    



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