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 Yowgurrabah weekend

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Camp Clayton
yowgurrabah weekend that never was

Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th December, 2014


We set off on an overcast Friday morning from the Sunshine Coast to have a relaxing weekend camp knowing that most of the members were not attending as per the activity of the emails. Setting up camp was easy, as we had water views and just far enough away from the trees to be safe from falling branches. Geoff (new member) arrived soon after that and he decided to camp closer to the creek and out of the wind.


Friday afternoon was nice as the sun came out and as the evening took hold the wind arrived and blew all night. Saturday was still overcast but no rain, so Helen & I went to have a look at the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park, well worth the walk to see nature at it’s best.


Saturday afternoon Geoff’s friend arrived for an overnight camp and a visit from Alex & Jill to check the place out for future camping with the grandkids. Socialising around the fire without rain on both nights made our weekend worth while, glad we made the decision not to stay at home.


Michael & Helen



Well another weekend journey completed in my life. I must say the scenery was interesting and I had a great time. The campsite was out near what they call the Natural Bridge which is located half way between Nerang and Mullwillumbah Qld. The bridge has a small cave near it and at night if you take a torch you can see the glow worms.


Back from that say 4 km towards Nerang is the park and swimming hole with concrete steps going down to a running creek. The grass and parkland on either side are green with grass and well maintain. The toilets are modern,  there are also stainless bbqs and swings for the kids. Ducks are found there and the mountains on the horizon are stunning and make a good back drop for a sunset picture. The campsite belongs to a 2500 acre cattle farm, so on the farm where I was camp there are 10 individual campsites that can be book at $10 a night which includes a shower and toilet that are attach to a homestead a few minutes away. At the homestead you will find the owners and they also have horseriding available at $70 for 2 hour ride.


I camped on the edge of the running creek with a good mix of sun and shade, tall trees along the creek line had staghorns growing. Saw a kingfisher nest which is rare & also saw the birds. I found the Advancetown Hotel which is near Nerang was a nice set up for a weekend get away as it had motel rooms, nice big pool, great dining area and a view of the Gold Coast with it sky scrapers.


For the cost and what I saw I found it a cheap and enjoyable weekend with the only requirement, you are 30km either way from the campsite to a town.






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