past events

14th national meet at Bungendore NSW 2018


Australian CamperTrailers Group
2018 national get together
at Bungendore NSW

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This is not just a story, but lots, lots more.
It's about this great get together at Bungendore.
It's members have camper trailers, caravans and buses.
Every sort, type and model to suit the masses.
They get together from far away places, Sydney, Melbourne, Orange and everything in between.
And as you can imagine, the friendlest folk you ever have seen.
This group has a list for things they do, each and every day.
All are welcome and you do not have to pay.
For my wife and myself, first time members, have come from afar .
We are the proud owners of name tags with a pink stick on star!
We've learned heaps, from tips and tricks, to clever inventions.
I even showed some of my own, as was not my intention.
What a week it has been, we are very much hooked!
The next one up north we have already booked.
Dear new friends, what can I do
but send our best wishes and a big thanks to you.

Bill Van der Heyden






79 Camper Trailer members
For our 14th annual meet
Down to Bungendore
For another great week

We had many a good fire
Workshops - trivia and an auction too
And even Chinese dinner for 70 plus a few

Met many a good old friend
And met some new ones too
But by the end of the week
My group of friends, it definitely grew

Weather was all you know
Some fine - some cloudy
Rain and windy a day or or two
But not enough to make any go

Bonalbo we go next year
For 15th annual meet
Trust you all travel safely
So next year each other we can greet

Thanks everyone for another memorable week in my life.

George Mavros