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Copeton Waters national meet 2007



Australian CamperTrailers Group

3rd national get together 2007

Copeton Waters State Park



WHEEL BEARING MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP Rob once again had his wheel bearing & maintenance workshop demonstrating the procedure of removing the hub from the axle, with a bearing & stub axle inspection. He also showed how to replace a set of bearings by removing the cone from the hub. Greasing of the bearings, reassembly included installation of the bearings & seal & correct tension of the castle nut. Don't forget to tighten the wheel nuts because your wheel might fall off.



Photos by Carol


Photos by Carolyn Davis


DREAM CATCHER WORKSHOP Clancy once again showed his artistic skill by demonstrating how to make a dream catcher. Native Americans believe dreams were messages sent by sacred spirits. They say that the hole in the center of a dream catcher web allows good dreams to reach the sleeper, while the web itself traps the bad dreams until they disappear with the first light of morning. Materials used are thin round basket-weaving reed, string or twine, beads, feathers & yarn.



Photos by Helen Photos by Tony Kenny


Photos by Karen Photos by Tony Kenny


COBB WORKSHOP The Cobb workshop was rescheduled a day owing to the total fire ban the previous day. Gus jumped into the saddle after Jill wasn't feeling real well & did a great job demonstrating how to go about cooking a roast in the Cobb

   John also showed that a Bedourie Camp Oven fits perfectly into the Cobb & can be used in conjunction with the heatbeds to cook a meal.







Photos by Rob


KIDS COOKING COMPETITION Savannah Zwerus won first prize in the kids cooking comp with a very nice tasting cake.



Photos by Rob








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