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Copeton Waters national meet 2007



Australian CamperTrailers Group

3rd national get together 2007

Copeton Waters State Park



TAI CHI Final morning with Rob & Tai Chi, although it did become a little confusing when 3 ring-in Rob's turned up.



Photos by Kevin Beckwith


REVIEWING CAMPER TRAILERS Editor of the Campertrailer Australia magazine, Carlisle Rogers, talked about what he looks for when reviewing a camper trailer for the magazine & what goes into producing it. Members then discussed what they would like to see in the magazine.

   One important topic was ball weight & what the camper trailer weight actually was & not that quoted by the manufacturer. It was suggested that when reviewing camper trailers for the magazine, the camper was run over a weightbridge & the ball & trailer weight documented. Ball & tow weight is very important particularly with smaller vehicles, voiding warranty & insurance if over loaded.





Photos by Rob


CLOSING CEREMONY In a blink of the eye the week had come to an end. Kevin thanked everyone for an enjoyable week & handed it over to Rob to award prizes.

SPIRIT OF THE GROUP Members attending the meet were asked to nominate a person who they thought best represented the group spirit & enthusiasm. Ed was nominated several times for his persistence on eating one of the foam filled lamingtons.

   There were a few lamingtons left over from the morning tea, so Rob decided to keep them for Ed. Later that night after tea when everyone was sitting around the fire Rob brought a plate full of lamingtons out & asked Ed & Barry if they wanted one. Barry thought at the time they were a bit light & said he would keep it for later.

   Ed took a bite & thought it tasted a bit odd, but seeing Carol had made them & Rob gave it to him, not to upset any one, he took another bite, but it still wasn't right.

   Ed won a 12 volt impact wrench donated by Jamie Hazelton of DSS, Dynamic Solar Solutions 

   Ed fixed Rob the next night by putting a rubber snake in his bed.  

COPETON CAPERS AWARD Therese took Blaze the doggie for a quick walk in the pitch dark before bed. Blaze stop to do his business & Therese bent down with the poo scooper but had trouble finding it in the dark. After a few attempts she decided to go for it with her hands, but as she did, Dave & Joy's nearby light came on & caught her in the act of groping in the dark. Therese won a 12 volt fluro light donated by Jamie Hazelton of DSS, Dynamic Solar Solutions Now she will have plenty of light for doggie walks on dark nights.

   It should be mentioned Jamie & Jason were a very close second in nominations for the Copeton Capers Awards. Jason plotted Copeton Dam on the GPS & they ended up on the opposite shore of the dam & of course no camper trailers there.

KIDS COOKING COMPETITION Savannah Zwerus won first prize in the kids cooking comp with a very nice tasting cake. Runner up was Matt Cumpson. Thanks to Barry & Margaret Pierce for the prizes.

   The Australian CamperTrailers Group 3rd national get together was then declared closed & the air exploded with streamers.







Photos by Carol




Photos by Kevin Beckwith


   Thanks to everyone who attended the week long meet. Thanks to those who volunteered to share their knowledge by presenting workshops. Thanks for those who brought their chainsaws & cut the tree trunks into blocks. Thanks for the laughs around the campfire. Thanks to Jamie & Jason for the free service he provided.

    A big thanks must also go to Dwayne & the staff at Copeton Waters State Park. Thank you for providing the firewood & the trailer to drop it off at the fires, thanks for the daily garbage pickup, thanks for hosing out the toilets & removing, emptying & returning the portable toilet. Thanks to Dwayne & son Eli for providing & setting up the lights for the band.  

   See you all there next year.

                                                   Rob & Carol








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