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Copeton Waters national meet 2007



Australian CamperTrailers Group

3rd national get together 2007

Copeton Waters State Park

photo by Rob


    The Australian CamperTrailers Groups 3rd national get together was once again held at Copeton Waters State Park near Inverell on the northern tablelands of NSW during the week of Monday 1st to Friday 5th October. There were 57 camper trailers, caravans & tents attending, with 150 people, making it an impressive sight.

   The camp grounds surrounding Copeton Dam has everything that members require for a successful gathering. Fairly level sites, flushing septic & sewered toilets, hot showers, power & non-powered sites adjacent to each other, fire-rings with wood supplied as well as dogs under control.

   Members arrived as early as Wednesday the week before in anticipation for the week long activities. The majority arrived on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. As each camper trailer arrived they were greeted by Rob & Kevin who showed them what campsites were available, so members could choose a suitable spot to their liking. There was water views galore despite Copeton Dam being at 13%. Copeton Dam holds 4 times the water of Sydney Harbour at full capacity. It must be an impressive sight when the encatchment is going over the spillway. 

   The weather was fantastic & we could not have asked for better from the camper trailer gods. There was some of the best rain makers gathered in the one place, but despite that, we only received a few spits from two passing afternoon thunderstorms. The temperature during the day was about 5 degrees above average in the low 30's. Overnight it dropped to around 4 degrees making for a restful nights sleep & cooking on the campfire. We had two total fire ban days.

    It was great to once again camp with members from past national meets & state get togethers, as well as putting more faces to the typing in the group.  


photo by Greg Elsey


   Monday was the first official day of the weeks calendar of events. Members volunteered to hold workshops & share their knowledge on a variety of topics with others.  

TAI CHI First up on Monday morning was a session of Tai Chi with Rob who has been learning Tai Chi for 6 years. Although he is not an instructor he shared his knowledge with an inside look into Tai Chi  showing a series of warm ups, Shibashi one (a set of 18 exercises which Tai Chi is based on) & the Lotus.



Photos by Carolyn Davis Photos by Kevin Beckwith


Photos by Karen Milsom Photos by Greg Elsey


SOLAR & BATTERY WORKSHOP Later in the morning member Jamie Hazelten of DSS, Dynamic Solar Solutions along with Jason, who are both keen campers themselves, presented an interesting workshop on solar panels, batteries & all 12 volt requirements related to camper trailering. it was great to get firsthand information like this straight from the horses mouth. 

   Jamie had his well equipped Land Rover 130 series with him stacked with Copeton Waters specials from his shop. While at the meet they were kept busy with repairs & insulations, all done with free labour.

   A big thanks guys for the workshop, the free services you provided while at the meet & also the donation of two prizes for awards later handed out at the closing ceremony.





Photos by Rob


SCOOBY WORKSHOP Young Clancy Skinner once again held his Scooby workshop which was well attended, not only by the kids but by adults alike. What's a Scooby you might ask??? 






DREAM POT WORKSHOP The Dream Pot is thermo cookware, whereby the cooking process is finished by retained heat in the partly cook food. The cooking process is very simple. You only need to place the ingredients into the inner pot & gently boil on your stove for the required short time. The inner pot is then placed into the Dream Pot and the lid is close. The retained heat then finishes cooking the food.

   Donna & Kate hosted a Dream Pot workshop explaining what the process was, while passing on the valuable experience they have learnt along the way.



Photos by Carol


Photos by Carolyn Davis


GRAND OPENING The afternoon saw the opening ceremony by Kevin, Rob & Ron.

   Kevin welcomed everyone to the meet & spoke about of the beginnings of the group 6 years earlier, how the group had evolved to become the best of its type on the net, now with over 3000 members, the past years members weekend get togethers & the friendships they had created.

   Rob handed out a few awards....


GOLDEN PEG AWARD won by Clancy

FURTHEST TRAVELED TO STATE MEETS Gus & Jill Skinner & family traveling 4300kms

   Ron then told of the preparation the groups co-owners had done in organizing the 2008 national meet at Peak Hill Showground & the talks that had taken place with the Showground Trust.   

   It was the group's 6th birthday & with that Kevin, Ron & Rob proceeded to cut the birthday cake. In true camper trailering spirit the cake was made in camp by Margaret Durante in the Cobb. A big thank you to Margaret for baking the cake.



Photos by Rob

Photos by Carolyn Davis




Photos by Kevin Beckwith








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