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    What is the handiest thing around your camp???









    I am writing this to refute rumours that Margaret (of Granny Short Legs fame) spent a significant amount of the weekend obsessed with a certain one of my parts.


    My request was for a ‘warning’ device that I could put on my gear lever to remind me not to drive off while my Anderson plug extension lead was still connecting the car and the trailer. When she was not busy tying knots in balls of wool, the knit wit spent the day needling me and this creation. 


    Pinking is not normally associated with diesel engines but Margaret managed to achieve this with what was colloquially referred to as my knob warmer. I especially like the Pom pom pom. Get your requests ready for Copeton especially if you want a particular colour or personal fitting!


                            Mike Sargeant




    Well for me, the handiest thing is the internet, for without that I would not have met the many terrific people that I have met at the various camps I have attended. Neither would I have enjoyed all the fun of reading the discussions about 12 Volts, Cleaning Water Tanks, and Which Battery is Best.

    A vote of thanks is surely in order for the CIA for inventing the internet in the first place. ;-)

from Keith




    My handiest item is my border collie Benji, I alway's know if someoneis lurking around my camper he lets us know and he also vacuums the floor if anything is dropped.

from Helen



    I love all my gadgets - tent peg puller, gas light, biji barby, self-inflating mattresses, fridge thermometer, LED lights, iPod and mini speakers.

     The stand out piece of technology which has no substitute IMHO and always blows my mind every time I set it up is without a doubt.......drum roll please.......the solar panels. Charge the battery, run the fridge silently and reliably. Love em.

from Brad




    Ah yes, I forgot about the discussion on Genies. That one went on for a bit, didn't it. The sparks began to fly and it became a little over-heated before it was finally turned off. (must have been a cheap Chinese copy).

    My wife Jenny sometimes growls, is quite economical, but mostly just purrs beautifully. She's probably the best non-catalogue, non-eBay item I have acquired in the last 36 years!

from Keith




    The handiest item around the camp for me would have to be my Cobb. The Cobb is used for meals, roasts, smoking fish or chicken, cakes (although not as good as a camp oven), garlic bread and have even used it for tacos, heating water for washing up the dinner after cooking and in winter put on each night even if not used for cooking and used as a heater.

    We have just had a week away and between the two camps and two Cobbs we used 2 bags of heatbeads and we only cooked on it once and twice to heat up the garlic bread. The Cobb certainly got a work out this last trip.

from Robyn



    My nomination has to be the Poms pom pom created by Grannyshortlegs at the Burralow Swamp meet and featured in that write-up Mike's Knob Warmer

     It has now been thoroughly tested on a 2 month trip around SA and QLD and apart from being a little dusty has never failed to remind me not to drive off without disconnecting the Anderson Plug when the trailer is not connected.

from Mike Sargeant



    The handiest thing around my camp is my fearless Live watchdog her main job was to keep watch on the campfire, bugger the rest of the camp just had to keep herself warm.

from Margaret





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