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The website is the homepage of the Australian CamperTrailers Forum & the Australian CamperTrailers Facebook Group. If you would like to chat camper trailers, travel or just camping in general, you will find you are right at home with a bunch of like-minded people. Members come from all walks of life, but have a common interest in the great outdoors. 

The non profit Australian CamperTrailers Group provides a place for members to chat which is free of commercial advertising, pressures or promotion of any kind. Manufacturers of camper trailers & accessory suppliers are welcome to join the group & share their knowledge & experience. We welcome their participation & the expertise they bring as long as it is unbiased & free of commercial advertising. 

Additional information about the Australian CamperTrailers Group can be found here.

Australian CamperTrailers Forum

On the forums front page hit register in the top left hand corner. Read the forum rules & then hit I agree to these terms. Fill in your username & password you wish to use along with the confirmation code & hit submit.

Your membership will be approved with a day of applying.

Australian CamperTrailers

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