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Nyngan national meet 2009


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Nyngan 2009



Riverside Caravan Park full of camper trailers
 photo by Dave Cook from Jack Carter's helicopter


    The Australian CamperTrailers Group's 5th national meet could not have been held at a better location along the grassy banks of the Bogan River in the Riverside Caravan Park Nyngan, during the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th of October 2009. Nyngan lies at the junction of the Mitchell and Barrier Highways, near the geographical centre of New South Wales, 166 kilometres west of Dubbo on the NSW Central Plains.

    Around 90 camper trailers, caravans & tents & 226 people enjoyed the spring sunshine despite reports of snow further south with strong winds & rain on the NSW coast. This is the biggest CamperTrailers national meet to date & the largest gathering of camper trailers ever assembled in Australia. Members travelled from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania to enjoy the week of activities.

    Riverside Caravan Park owners Jack & Dione Carter have done a remarkable job renovating the park since acquiring it some 18 months ago. There was plenty of activity in preparation for our arrival. Extra power outlets were installed as well as a new amenities block on the river flat. These & the main amenities were kept spotless thanks to the efforts of Stan Bradwell. Thanks also goes to manager Anita & staff for their friendly service. I'm sure the idyllic riverside setting will attract travellers for more than just an overnight stopover in the future.


sunday opening

    Sunday evening saw the start of the week with the grand opening. Group co-owner Kevin Phillips welcomed members to another & the 5th national meet & went on to tell of the groups beginnings in September 2001 & how the group has grown to 4800 members with the present day popularity of camper trailers. The Australian CamperTrailers Group is the largest of its type on the net.

    The Bogan Shire Mayor Ray Donald then welcomed everyone to Nyngan & gave a brief overview of the towns history & attractions. He wished all assembled a pleasant stay in the region.

    Riverside Caravan Park owner Dione Carter also welcomed members to the caravan park & hoped we all had a great week in the region. Rob Sanderson, also the groups co-owner presented a certificate of appreciation to Jack & Dione on behalf of members attending the meet.

    Rob went on to outline the itinerary for the week with workshops held by members on a variety of subjects relating to camper trailers & camping in general. Being an internet based group there are subjects where the information cannot be easily exchanged through typing & this is where face to face workshops come into their own. He got a little lost towards the end hearing his own voice coming back at him through the PA. 

    The group's third co-owner Ron Dickson gave an overview of housekeeping duties for the week & a little insight into how the groups co-owners had been viewing suitable venues for future national gathers, however this is become more difficult as the group grows. The first national meet attracted 32 camper trailers.

    A range of lucky door prizes were drawn from the hat. These prizes were donated by Ian Porteous from Dreamtime Campers, Doug & Jenny Peisley and Rob & Carol Sanderson.

    Joy & Dave Wilkinson hosted a 'Getting to Know You' session at the end of the opening. While Joy looked after the adults session Dave took the kids to the communal hut for their own session breaking the ice & introducing themselves to others. It was great to see the kids hanging around together over the week.

    Everyone was given a sheet of paper with a list of questions. Some of the questions included finding someone who travelled further to Nyngan than you & someone who has more kids than you etc





















 opening ceremony photos from Jason Cox & Sue Christie-Cox







Kevin & Dale being interviewed by Prime News Nyngan Observer website



2.7mb MP3 sound file
Video from Jamie Hazelden Interview with ABC Radio

















8:00 Communal Area
Tai Chi basics
Rob Sanderson



8:00 Communal Area
Breakfast for charity cooked by the Bogan Community Tourism & Business Group



8:00 Communal Area
Tai Chi basics
Rob Sanderson


9:30 Jamie’s Camper
Solar, 12volt & batteries
Jamie Hazelden



9:30 Jamie’s Camper
Understanding invertors
Jamie Hazelden




9:30 Communal Area
UHF/HF radio
Ron Dickson, Alan Dunshea & Kevin Beckwith



9:30 Dave Cook's camper
Camper Walkabout
Dave Cook


11:00 Dave Cook's camper
Camper Walkabout
Dave Cook

11:00 Communal Hut
Scoobie workshop for kids
Sherri Cox
Sue Christie-Cox



11:00 Communal Hut
Animal Beadies for kids
Sharon Wheatley


during the day around the caravan park
Horsedrawn haycart
powerboat rides on
the Bogan River



11:00 Communal Hut
What's new in GPS
Brian Sommerville


11:00 Communal Hut
Pamper session for ladies
Carol  Sanderson





1:00 Communal Hut
Getting the best from your digital camera
Carlisle Rogers 



1:00 Jamie’s Camper
more on 12volt
Jamie Hazelden




1:00 George's camper
Royden Anchor demo
George Marvos


1:00 Dave & Joy's Camper
Wheel bearing maintenance
Rob Sanderson



3:00 Donna's Camper
Dreampot workshop
Donna Zwerus


3:00 Jill's Camper
Cobb workshop
Jill Skinner



3:00 Sharon's Camper
Damper on a stick for kids
Sharon Wheatley





5:00 Communal Area
 Happy Hour


5:00 Communal Area
Tame the toilet tent & Happy Hour


5:00 Communal Area
Happy Hour
Cash, Trash & Swap



4:00 Communal Area
Closing Event
Kevin, Rob & Ron








7:00 Communal Hut
Trivia Night
Dave & Jan Cook



7:00 Communal Area
Live performance
Tony Hunt
donations for Bogan Community Tourism & Business Group








Sunday opening
Getting to Know
Dave & Joy Wilkinson



during week
GPS treasure hunt
Brian Sommerville


Spirit of the Group
a nice favour or gesture during the week
the one who best represents the group
major prize



Nyngan Shenanigans
dob in your mate
funniest or most embarrassing moment during the week
major prize


4.00pm daily
firewood cutting at the heap


4 draw raffle for Nyngan preschool
4 x commercial grade padlocks and
4 x 1200 long vinyl coated coil cables
retail value per padlock and cable $45.00
Alan & Amanda Haworth