past events

Glen Innes national meet 2014


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Glen Innes 2014


caravan walkabout

The Australian CamperTrailers Group is now twelve years old & with that members who once owned a camper trailer have stepped up to a caravan. Kevin Phillips hosted a caravan walkabout. Members gave a brief talk on what they liked about their caravan, points they didn't like & modifications they have done or they would like to do to make camping all that more enjoyable.





kids scrapping

Chris Rogers hosted a kids scrapping workshop where they cut, painted & pasted a creation.



never fear a salesman again

George Mavros presented a workshop on material he had gathered for an upcoming book entitled 'never fear a salesman again'. He suggested to do your research & know the product before approaching a salesman & by having six responses to four questions you are always on top of the conversation.



best water filters

Colin Hopgood manufacturer of the Australian made BEST Water Filter was invited to host a talk on his water filter system especially designed for the RV market. First up he demonstrated the bacteria levels present in tap water which would then go into your camper trailers water tank. The filter is simply connected to the filler hose & removes chlorine & bacteria before it goes into your tank.

Unlike other filters that need to be replaced regularly because of bacterial contamination, BEST uses the SilverSafe technology to keep the filter bacteria free, so there are no replacement filters to buy. To flush you simply reverse the filter.

B.E.S.T. Water Filters are quickly becoming the preferred method for people travelling in caravans, motorhomes & camper trailers as well as becoming recognised by quality RV manufactures as the water filter they install a standard equipment.



closing ceremony

Friday afternoon saw the closing ceremony. Co-owner Kevin Phillips thanked everyone for their attendance, the fantastic time we had over the week, the friendships formed & the positive feeling of the event. He went on to thank the Glen Innes Showground Committee, the Glen Innes Tourist Information & the Glen Innes Men's Shed for the work behind the scenes providing the platform for another successful national meet.

Glen Innes Showground Trust Chairman Mike Condon was on hand to take the proceeds of the auction night. He thanked CamperTrailers members for the generous support & assured everyone the money would be put to good use within the showground.  

Glen Innes Men's Shed President Paul Raper also thanked members for the support shown as he took the proceeds of the trivia night & dance night gold coin entry totaling $476. Peter then drew David Wilkinson's winning ticket for the beautiful hand crafted inlaid table & the two handcrafted wooden bowls won by Graham Marr. Both prizes were provided by the men's Shed with $418 raised. 

The Glen Innes Severn Council Mayor Colin Price hoped members had a great time during the week exploring the region & wished everyone a safe journey home.

Co-owner Rob Sanderson then thanked those who had presented workshops or activities during the week & personally gave each a certificate of appreciation. 

The Glen Innes Bloopers awarded is for the funniest or most embarrassing moment over the week was awarded to Doug McFarlane. The story goes when Doug arrived at Glen Innes he could not remember the street into which he had to turn for the showground, so he pulled over & got his laptop out, got it going & went to the website & found the street on the national meet info page. He then started up the navigator & entered the street which said turn left. he looked up & saw a sign saying showground. Co-owner Jason Cox presented Doug with a set of six MSA 4x4 wine tubes and a family pack set of Life Gear Flashlites, both excellent prizes, donated by Jamies Touring Solutions.   

Spirit of the Group is awarded to a person who is brought to the attention of the CamperTrailers Group co-owners for a good hearted deed or generosity in helping others during the week long meet. This year the award was presented to Matt Stone. Before Matt's arrival at Glen Innes he had read on line that there was nowhere for those having a shower to hang their clothes. Matt went to the hardware shop & bought a length of timber & a number of coat hooks & made several racks that hung over the top of the shower cubical door. Co-owner Jason Cox presented Matt with the perpetual trophy donated by Neil & Margaret Morton along with a rollup LED light strip donated by Stocks Camping & Fishing store in Glen Innes.

Rob told the story of how members Bob & Julie Gill had taken home a large firewood log from the 2012 Wellington national meet & took it along to the Flinders week long meet in May 2013.  After the log was burnt, affectionately known as 'Big Bertha', it was decided the ashes should be taken to the Batlow national meet where it would be presented to the Groups co-owners at the opening ceremony. In the meantime Phil Reid had turned an 'ashes' replica urn to hold the remains. The ashes of the Batlow national meet fires had been added to those of Big Bertha. Rob then added the ashes of the Glen Innes campfires.

Rob announced for those who were still around on Saturday night, please bring your tea down to the pavilion where we could set up tables & have a meal together. From the back of the pavilion Jill yelled out, "are you shouting Rob?" to which he replied "no I have a microphone". After he regained his composure he was able to proceed.

Kevin then suggested where next years national meet will be giving cryptic clues. Of course when he asked what town is on the $10 note, everyone knew the location. he then announced the venue of the Australian CamperTrailers Groups' 11th national meet would be held in Gulgong on the New South Wales Central Tablelands during the September - October school holidays from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October 2015.

With that Kevin declared the 10th national meet closed & hoped to see everyone again next year.

















kids movie night

Colin & Natalie Hopgood held the kids movie night as an open air event as the committee room was being used.




See ya all next year at Gulgong.