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Welcome to the homepage of the Australian CamperTrailers Forum & the Australian CamperTrailers Facebook Group. The group started as an Australian CamperTrailers Yahoo Group in 2001 centered around off road camper trailers. If you would like to chat camper trailers, travel or just camping in general, you will find you are right at home with a bunch of like-minded people. Members come from all walks of life, but have a common interest in the great outdoors. Hope we can exchange experiences & learn a little from each other. 

The non profit Australian CamperTrailers Forum & Facebook Group provides a place for members to chat which is free of commercial advertising, pressures or promotion of any kind. Manufacturers of camper trailers & camping accessory suppliers are welcome to join the group & share their knowledge & experience. We welcome their participation & the expertise they bring as long as it is unbiased & free of commercial advertising. Membership is free. Instructions on how to join can be found here.

In Australia the camper trailer is a very popular form of camping accommodation. It is perfect for our Aussie camping lifestyle, whether it be weekends away or an extended trip into the great outdoors where no facilities exist. Being self sufficient is a must in these circumstances as well as carrying suitable spares & a good tool kit.

Most off road camper trailers have an under slung water tank, a fully functional compact kitchen & plenty of room to carry the necessary supplies without placing undue strain on the tow vehicle. Then there's the gas bottle, extra water or fuel which is carried in jerry's & a purpose built 12volt battery system which may be charged by a solar panel when camped, making an extended stay possible & fully charged between camps with a DC to DC charger with use of the vehicles alternator. 

Although the group was started as an Australian off road camper trailers group, members from other countries are very welcome to join. It gives us an insight into how others camp outside our own environment.

The groups' members also own a wide selection of camping accommodation ranging from swags, tents, box trailers, camping trailer, slide-ons (which sit on the rear of utes), on & off road caravans, motorhomes, right through to converted buses, as well as on & off road camper trailers of all makes & models.  Check here to see what the average campertrailers group member may look like.  

There are many members who have joined the group seeking advice when it comes to buying a camper trailer. We do not push one brand over another, but with the combined help from members who own camper trailers, we hope we can steer them in the right direction & help them make an educated decision to what suits their needs.

Here is a check list to give you an inside advantage when looking to purchase a camper trailer for the first time. It contains points not only to ask yourself, but the salesman as well.  

The websites Tech Tips pages have grown into a valuable resource on everything camper trailers thanks to the generous input by members of the Australian CamperTrailers Group. This is the place where everyone can share their tips & tricks as well as showing how they have modified their camper trailers to suit their own unique style of camping. It is fascinating to see how simple solutions have been adopted in overcoming problems & making camping life all that much more enjoyable. If you would like to write an article for the website please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

You will find some fantastic trip reports from members which may help you plan your own trip. If not these stories will certainly inspire you to get out there.

Australian CamperTrailers Group get togethers are hosted by members which gives members a chance to meet the face behind the typing in a relaxed atmosphere around the campfire. It also gives those looking at buying a camper trailer an opportunity to view campers first hand & get an unbiased opinion from their owners. You may meet as complete strangers, but part as old friends on the Sunday, such is the camaraderie. If you would like to host a weekend meet please feel free to contact us via the email address below. All get togethers must be approved by the groups co-owners. Next weekend meets are organized for........

The groups first national get together was held in July 2005 at Copeton Waters State Park near Inverell on the NSW Northern Tablelands, where 32 camper trailers & 100 people gathered to meet & enjoy each others company, chat camper trailers, cook on the open fire, look at the modifications that others have done & explore the area.  

The Australian CamperTrailers Group's 18th national meet will be held at Mendooran in the New South Wales Central West Slopes & Plains, 75km north-east of Dubbo,over the week from Monday 30th September to Friday 4th October 2024. details

At the national meets members as well as invited guests host information workshops  on a variety of topics relating to camper trailers, travel & camping in general to pass on their valuable knowledge to others. Being an internet based group there are subjects where information cannot be easily exchanged through typing. Workshop topics include demonstrations of both the Cobb & Dreampot cookers, 12volt, batteries & solar, a practical guide to trailer wheel bearing inspection & maintenance, a camper trailer walkabout, to name a few. The kids don't miss out with workshops held for them as well over the week.

Please keep in mind that the groups co-owners will not accept any responsibility for members or non-members actions during weekend get togethers. If you decide to attend, it is solely at your own responsibility, including any side trips or outings during the weekend meet.

No claim is made for the accuracy or authenticity of the content on the Australian CamperTrailers website. In no event will the co-owners of the Australian CamperTrailers Group or its members be liable for the accuracy of information contained in it, its use or reliance placed on it. There are no dangerous or illegal topics found on the website. 

The information on the website is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the website undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. It is suggested you seek more than one opinion on important topics.

Please feel free to use the information on the CamperTrailers website as a reference & share it with others, as long as you don't claim the work as your own, change it in any way or use it commercially.

The Australian CamperTrailers Group is not affiliated with any camper trailer manufacturers, commercial outlets or associated recreational camping accessory suppliers, however the Groups co-owners have arranged a members discount for goods purchased or services provided with some manufacturers & suppliers of recreational camping products. A list can be found in the 'discount to members' section of the Australian CamperTrailers Forum.

Feedback on the website is always appreciated.


Rob, Kevin & Jason
Australian CamperTrailers Group co-owners


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