past events

Batlow national meet 2013


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Batlow 2013


morning tea  

The Thursday morning tea was a special event as it gave everyone time to chat up for a chat & discuss what they had been up to during the week. Members brought a cuppa along with a variety of treats they had cooked using whatever means including the camp oven, Cobb or Dreampot etc. The table of food looked fantastic. The morning also included a book swap.

bearing maintenance

Rob Sanderson held his camper trailer wheel bearing workshop in the pavilion as it was raining. Maintaining your own camper wheel bearings is something anybody can do & Rob showed just how easy it was. He discussed the different types of bearings & how they were only a small but important component of the camper trailer axle.

He then spoke on how to break down the hub, what to look for in checking the bearing races for heat discolouration, pitting, scoring & any unevenness. He then discussed the technique to push grease into the races, reassembling the hub & the process of tightening the nut.

Rob had his tyre repair kit on hand & showed in theory how to go about removing a tyre from the rim to glue a patch on the inside & then reseating the bead.



pamper session for women

A large number of ladies and girls joined in on Carol's Camper Pamper session, a trained Mary Kay consultant. On arrival everyone had a satin hand smoothie, hydrating facial, eye spa & then ending with a foot spar & facial. There were several prizes with the best dressed buckets went to Helen Trew & Rhiaan Wheatley.



never fear a salesman again

George Mavros presented a workshop on material he had gathered for an upcoming book entitled 'never fear a salesman again'. He suggested to do your research & know the product before approaching a salesman & by having six responses to four questions you are always on top of the conversation.



cooking in foil

 Sue Christie-Cox showed us different ideas to cooking in foil as she prepared the evenings meal.





face painting

Kathy Shumack hosted a workshop painting the kids faces. As you can see she did a very good job.




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flinders week get together

A catch up afternoon tea was held for members who attended the CamperTrailers Group's week long meet in the Flinders hosted by Mike & Leonie Fretwell. Phil Reid showed the 'ashes' replica urn he had made to hold the remains of 'Big Bertha'. Phil told the story of how members Bob & Julie Gill had taken home a large log of firewood from last years Wellington national meet which ended up at the Flinders.  After the log was burnt, affectionately known as 'Big Bertha', it was decided the ashes should be taken to the Batlow national meet where it was presented to the Groups co-owners at the opening ceremony.