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Batlow national meet 2013


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Batlow 2013


the essence of 12volt  

Collyn Rivers, well known 12volt & RV author, was invited to host a couple of talks. The first was entitled 'the essence of 12volt' & outlined what was needed to produce a reliable 12volt system to suit your required needs. Without the proper sizing of batteries, solar panels & chargers you will be way behind to start with. Collyn suggested to work out your daily power needs & then size a system that would be recharged by lunchtime, that is you are better off with larger sized solar panels than larger capacity batteries that only partially recharge each day.

Proper wire size is also an important aspect in setting up your system. Collyn spoke on the confusion with cables rated in a profusion of different sizes, such as auto wire, AWG, B&S & ISO. On top of all that auto wire is rated at what size hole it will fit through, insulation & all, with no actual relation to the size of the copper conductor itself. 

Of interest was the Redarc BM battery charger & monitor with serial number one which Collyn had trialed before the product release.

12volt practical workshop

Shane Adam's hosted a practical workshop for the DIY's showing how to run cable & the various components used when installing a dual battery system in the vehicle or a camper trailer battery. He then went on the explain how to connect a multimeter on the positive side to show the draw in amps from a LED light. Crimping, soldering & joining wire with solder where shown. Shane then let members have a go themselves getting a feel of how to do the job.

anklet & bracelet making

Sue Lawler & Allie Roberson hosted a kids anklet & bracelet making workshop. This is the first time the two girls have hosted a workshop after many years participating in workshops hosted by their parents. 


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solar myths & facts 

Collyn Rivers second talk was on the subject of what a solar panel really produced & what you could expect from them.

He explained the output losses of a solar panel can be up to 30% of that claimed by the manufacture through various factors such as cable voltage drop, the temperature of the panel itself, the position of the panel & the geographical location in Australia. Proper sized cable must be used to minimise voltage drop over the distance from the solar panel to the batteries. Also for every 10 degrees Celcius the solar panel is over 25 degrees, not ambient but the temperature of the panel itself, it looses 5% output. A panel mounted horizontal can occur losses of up to 10%. 

 The amount of sunlight available is called PSH or Peak Sun Hours & is when a metre square solar panel in size produces a 1000 watts. In Sydney for example around the equinox ie 12 hours sun & 12 hours night, there is only 5.6 Peak Sun Hours, however a portable panel can be used to follow the sun to maximise the input. With advancements is technology a MPPT solar regulator can also be used to recover 10 to15% of otherwise non-accessible energy.

dream pot

Jenny Peisley held a workshop on the use of the Dreampot. The Dream Pot consists of a double layer insulated outer pot with one or two stainless steel inner pots & lids which can be used as saucepans. The cooking process is very simple. All you need do is place the ingredients into the inner pot & gently boil on your stove for the required short time based on the recipe. Then place the inner pot directly into the Dream Pot & close the lid. The thermo cooking process now starts by cooking the food in the residual heat. No further monitoring is required during this process allowing you the convenience of going about other tasks or while you are travelling. Your meal cannot burn, boil over or overcook. After the necessary thermo cooking time in the Dream Pot the meal is ready to serve up to eight hours later.

trivia night

Dave & Jan Cook with Dave & Joy Wilkinson held a trivia night in the warmth of the Batlow Bowling Club. The event was well attended & once again a great success. There was plenty of friendly rivalry between the tables as teams sort the winners trophy which was donated by Jamie Hazelden of Jamie's Touring Solutions. The gold coin entry raised $244 for the Batlow Rotary.