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15th national meet at Bonalbo NSW 2019


Australian CamperTrailers Group
2019 national get together
at Bonalbo NSW


the closing

Friday afternoon saw the closing ceremony held in the showground pavilion. Kevin Phillips thanked everyone for their attendance, the fantastic time everyone had over the week, the friendships formed or renewed & the positive feedback from members. He went on to thank the Bonalbo Showground president David Whitney for the hospitality shown during the week and to the Bonalbo community in helping to make this national meet one to remember. A special thanks was also given to Carol the showground cleaner who did an excellent job looking after the amenities over the week.

Bonalbo Show Society President David Whitney then responded & thanked everyone for involving the small town of Bonalbo in the 15th national meet. Rob presented David with a certificate of appreciation. 

Kyogle local councilor Earle Grundy also thanked the Australian CamperTrailers Group for choosing Bonalbo as the venue of the national meet & hoped everyone had time to explore the surrounds.

Earle Grundy drew the winning tickets of the raffle held over the week with $561 proceeds donated to the Bonalbo Community Charities Fund. First ticket out was Georgia Power who is a Bonalbo local. It was suggested she would find use in the 12volt impact wrench. Alan Jones picked the BEST Water Filter while third ticket was Ray Miles who won the Collyn Rivers 'The Camper Trailer Book'.

Rob Sanderson then thanked those who had presented workshops or activities during the week & gave each a certificate of appreciation. 

The Bonalbo Bloopers award was won by Dave Buchtmann. Dave made the mistake of telling his mates he had left his underpants at home. Rob presented him with a copy of
'The Camper Trailer Book' by Collyn Rivers.

Spirit of the Group Award is awarded to a person who is brought to the attention of the CamperTrailers Group co-owners for a good hearted deed or generosity helping others during the week long meet. This year the award was presented to Fiona Stagg who did what Fiona always does, helping others whether it was day or night. Jason presented her with the perpetual Spirit of the Group Award.

Rob told the story of how members Lindsay & Sandra had taken home a large firewood log from the 2012 Wellington national meet & then took it along to the members Flinders South Australian week long meet hosted by Mike Fretwell in May 2013.  After the log was burnt, affectionately known as 'Big Bertha', it was decided the ashes should be taken to the Batlow national meet where it would be presented to the Groups co-owners at the opening ceremony. In the meantime Phil Reid had turned an 'ashes' replica urn on his lathe to hold the remains. Since then ashes from all national meets have been added. Rob then added the ashes of the Bonalbo campfires to the urn.

Kevin then announced to those present that Walcha on the south-eastern edge of the New South Wales Northern Tablelands would be the venue of the Australian CamperTrailers Groups 16th national meet in 2020 from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October.

With that Kevin declared the 15th national meet closed & hoped to see everyone again next year.




See you all next year at Walcha

Rob, Kevin & Jason


write up by Rob


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