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15th national meet at Bonalbo NSW 2019


Australian CamperTrailers Group
2019 national get together
at Bonalbo NSW

the week

workshops & activities

The workshops & events began from the Monday with members & invited guests hosting a number of workshops on a variety of subjects relating to camper trailers, travel & camping in general. Being an internet based group there are subjects where the information cannot be easily exchanged through typing & this is where the national meet gives the perfect opportunity for face to face workshops.

Workshops presented by members included an in depth presentation by Greg Conlon using manual mode on a DSLR digital camera, Never Fear a Salesman Again book launch by George Mavros, a ladies cuppa & chat hosted by Carol Sanderson, a demonstration using the Cobb Cooker by Gus Skinner, Craig & Susie's workshop where members where shown how to make & cook campfire campoven dampers & scones complete with a taste test, a poets corner hosted by  George Mavros, exchanging travelling, camping & cooking ideas with Rob & Carol Sanderson & a CPAP presentation by George Mavros while Rob Sanderson gave a rundown on what a CPAP 12volt battery draw is & how to setting up a 12volt battery system. David Cook hosted the popular camper trailer walkabout once again where members gave a brief talk on what they liked or disliked about their camper trailers, while Kevin Phillips hosted a similar walkabout for caravans.

Invited guests included Chris Carrigan from Lithium Battery Systems who gave an overview of what a lithium battery was, the application of lithium batteries in a camper trailer, how to set up a system & also charge it.

Longtime member Shane Adams from Totally 12volt was back along with apprentice Angus Renwick. Shane presented a workshop on the subject of
everything you need to know about 12volt & a practical 12volt workshop. They also assisted members who were experiencing 12volt troubles or advised about 12volt system upgrades.  

During the week Roger Duck sharpened knives. Members gave a donation to the
Bonalbo Community Charities Fund for this service.

The auction night is always a fun evening out as members bid on various items. This year saw over 110 items donated by members & local businesses. Bonalbo auctioneer Tom 'Coop' Cooper provided plenty of entertainment throughout the evening. $4005 was raised with proceeds donated to the Bonalbo Community Charities Fund which will direct money into the community where it is needed most.

Members who donated items for the auction include Kev & Katheen Beckwith, Joan & Warren Marshall, Doug & Jenny Peisley, Grant & Sue English, Chris & Carol Lawler, John & Penny Heath,
Elaine Baker, Ian & Edyth Wilkin, Merv & Jane Tasker, Richard & Belinda Bryant, Kim Worth, Robyn & Lindsay Jenkinson, Barry & Elaine Collier, Terry & Sandy Agland, Mark & Fiona Stag, Andy Dale, Rick & Carol Harper, Bob & Lesley Lynch, Alex & Jill Benham, Ian & Collette Garnham, Betty & Trevor Ray, Bill & Kerrie Van der Heyden, Alan & Stasia Everingham, Chris & Leanne Featherstone,  Mary Anne Randahl & Joel Musgrave, Colin & Sharon Tidey, Caroline & Roger Duck, Ian & Dianne Buchan, Gordon & Von Tindal, Rob & Carol Sanderson, Matt & Wendy Stone, Jason & Sue Cox, Dave Whitney, David & Kristy Thorndike and Des & Anna Matejka.   

The Bonalbo Bowling Club donated two meals at their Blue Wren Bistro for the auction.  

The popular trivia night hosted by Dave & Joy Wilkinson along with Dave & Jan Cook was well attended once again. The perpetual trivia trophy is held by the winning team. Entry was by gold coin donation with the $317 proceeds donated to the Bonalbo Community Charities Fund.  









8:00 Luncheon Pavilion
cooked breakfast 

proceeds to the
Bonalbo Community Charities





9:00 Luncheon Pavilion



9:00 Luncheon Pavilion
ladies cuppa
& chat
Carol Sanderson

Produce Pavilion 9:00
lithium battery systems
Chris Carrigan





9:00 Dave & Jan's camper
camper walkabout
Dave Cook



9:00 Kevin & Karen's van
caravan walkabout
Kevin Phillips



9:30 Main Ring
cattle dog exhibition

campdraft exhibition



10:00 Luncheon Pavilion
morning tea

please bring a plate along with your cup












11:00 Luncheon


 11:00 Bonalbo
main street

street stalls

Bonalbo community



11:00 Craig & Susie's campfire
camp oven dampers & scones
Craig Quin



11:00 Luncheon Pavilion
poets smoko
George Mavros


1:00 Shane's camper
12volt everything you need to know
Shane Adams
Totally 12 Volt



1:00 Shane's camper
12volt tips & tricks
Shane Adams
Totally 12 Volt



1:00 Pavilion area
kids treasure hunt
Phoebe Shumack 

1:00 Golf Club
9 hole course
experienced players


1:00 Luncheon Pavilion
exchanging travelling, camping & cooking ideas
Rob & Carol Sanderson


1:00 Luncheon Pavilion
George Mavros

cpap 12volt battery draw

Rob Sanderson



3:00 Pavilion
never fear a salesman again

George Mavros


3:00 Gus & Jill's camper
cobb cooking
Gus & Jill Skinner


3:00 Pavilion area
Nyngan Cup

Hardy's Vs Softy's 
bolle competition

George Mavros

3:00 Pavilion area
kids Finska competition
Phoebe Shumack












4:00 Bonalbo Bowling Club
barefoot bowls


4:00 Pavilion
Rob, Kevin & Jason




6:00 Bonalbo Bowling Club
evening meal

6:00 Bull 'n' Dog Hotel
evening meal



7:00 Luncheon Pavilion
auction night
proceeds to the
Bonalbo Community Charities



7:00 Luncheon Pavilion
trivia night
Dave & Joy Wilkinson
Dave & Jan Cook

gold coin donation proceeds to the Bonalbo Community Charities





7:00 Bonalbo Bowling Club





stay for seven nights & only pay for six

9am Monday

getting to know you
Dave & Joy Wilkinson

followed by
morning tea
bring a plate
hot water, tea, coffee & milk
will be provided  


proceeds to the
Bonalbo Community Charities

Spirit of the Group
a nice favour or gesture during the week
the person who best represents the group
perpetual trophy





Bonalbo Bloopers
dob in your mate, husband or wife
funniest or most embarrassing moment during the week


the week
community day
the closing