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Harry Webb

    A few years ago we checked the road (open) and the weather (possible showers) before leaving Marree (SA) to go along the Oodnadatta Track. Part way down the track, the rain began. As is seemed obvious that it was more than a shower we decided to push on until we got to William Creek. In the last 32 km we passed a number of vehicles going the same way, slipping and sliding all over the road.

    We got to William Creek and waited for more than 4 hours for the others to join us. We were all stranded at William Creek (where the photo was taken) for 6 days until the roads dried out enough and were opened again for us to continue.

    About 50 people were there and some were interviewed by the ABC radio (via telephone) and we all made the best of those days, even organising a cricket match held on the main road. Typical trailer campers, we think.

   Harry wins an Engel Eclipse 38L chest fridge/freezer courtesy of Engel Australia and Camper Trailer Australia magazine worth $899.






Scott Lonard

    Here is a photo of my friends camper after travelling south on the old Ghan railway line last May.

    Scott wins a package of Toastabags valued at $30 courtesy of George Marvos





Mark Sherritt

    This photo was taken when we recently did the Birdsville Track in the wet towing our Kanga Wallaby Camper. All was fine to Mungeranie when all of a sudden ol' hewy dropped 3 inches on the outback and caused us a wee bit of bother.

    You can read about mark's adventure on the trip reports page - Birdsville Track 2008

    Mark wins a white letter sticker & two Australian CamperTrailers Group stickers & a CamperTrailers stubby holder.








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