australian camper trailer manufacturers



This page was originally put together back in 2004 as a ready reference to camper trailers available in Australia. Since that time the market has changed from those that were manufactured here in Australia to camper trailers that are fully manufactured overseas of varying quality or imported in parts & assembled here. 

It did not necessarily mean one brand of camper trailer was better than another because a manufacturer was listed on this page. For this reason the manufacturers page has been discontinued.

The tech tips page has plenty of helpful information when it comes to buying a camper trailer. Also you cannot go wrong attending one of the members weekend get togethers where you can see a large number of brands & types of camper trailers & most importantly chat with their owners.

The Australian Campertrailers Forum & the Australian Campertrailers Facebook Group are great places to start if you are looking to purchase your first camper trailer. While the above do not push one brand over another, the combined help from members who own camper trailers can steer potential buyers in the right direction & help them make an educated decision.

No doubt the most confusing aspect of the whole process is where to start, what type of camper trailer will suit their needs & the dollars needed. The easy way out would be just to grab the closest camper trailer available & hope for the best. This could lead to a very expensive mistake. Choosing a camper trailer that suits your budget & use is not an easy task.

The skies the limit, but you do not need a flash camper trailer with all the bells & whistles to get out there & have fun in our great outdoors. However what you do want is something that is reliable. Take your time by doing a little research which can benefit you in the long run.