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    Well known four wheel drive, motoring & camping journalist Glenn Torrens as been busy in his backyard for more than two years and 16,000km of development and testing of a camper trailer he calls the GT Camper. Glenn's introduces never before seen speed and ease of setup and packing, making it ideal for bush and outback travellers who are on the move each day and don't want the constant chore of pegging, packing and unpacking room-sized tents.

    There are two models in the range of GT Campers, but Glenn expects the off-road version named the Overland to be the more popular. It includes a fully galvanised chassis and rides on durable Australian-made outback capable leaf springs, not cheapo imported wanna-be springs. There is a full face stone shield and mudflaps protecting the whole trailer which does not fire rocks into oncoming vehicles' windscreens like most angled 'shields' do.

    Up front is a super-duty Hyland off-road hitch and a quality swing-away pneumatic jockey wheel. The water tank is a generous 85 litre and the spare tyre is stored underneath on a winch so, if you get a flat, there is no lifting.

    The fridge cabinet is fitted with a quality fridge slide as standard and is large enough to carry two 40 litre fridges back-to-back (second fridge slide optional). An Exide Extreme battery is wired with a 100amp power feed from the tow vehicle via an Anderson plug, while three 12volt accessory sockets look after an accessories you might need to run.

     Tie-down rings are fitted to the off-side of the fridge cabinet and in the tub storage area to secure loads. There is a storage pouch on the rear of the stone shield (called the Kangaroo Pouch!) and a rack for firewood or kids scooters etc can be strapped to.

    The kitchen is from the well respected Drifta and a special build for the GT Camper with a few extra features from Glenn. There is a tap in the kitchen, a food prep area on the tailgate and an overhead LED light for easy night-time cooking.

    The kitchen is removable and has its own legs allowing it to be used elsewhere, for a verandah BBQ at home or perhaps by the side of a beautiful bush creek. The GT Camper to be used year-round as a light duty general purpose equipment trailer.

    The double-sized flip-over tent is installed on the exclusive GT Hard Deck. This is a vacuum formed, resin impreganted foam fibreglass sandwich that is super strong and stiff. It is a key factor to the GT's class-leading dust resistance. Glen says he cannot claim dust-proof, however the GT comes closer to being that, than any trailer on the market.

    With only five minutes for complete setup and packup (including kitchen and gas bottle) makes it a breeze, but most people achieve it in four.

    The GT Camper Trailer is the ideal 'step up' for a family who has outgrown camping from, for example, a Landcruiser wagon. Mum and dad can sleep in the GT while the kids can sleep in their own tents. Of course, the GT is also ideal for long-term travellers who want a no-nonsense, easy to use, outback capable camper trailer.

    Glenn also offers the GT outfit as a vehicle conversion, the Toyota Hilux GT. This features all the same exclusive hardware of the GT Camper trailer, but installed on the ever-popular Hilux. It's perfect for extended outback/bush trekking where unsuitable terrain makes towing ill-advised, or for people who wish to tow a boat or motorcycles etc but require full cooking/sleeping facilities.

    This is available now as a Single Cab (2005 onwards). The Extra and Dual Cab conversions will be based on extended wheelbase Hilux's, although the Dual Cab can be had as a Hard Deck tent/kitchen-only setup with the fridge located in the tub (to suit smaller 32L fridges only).

    Teamed with a GT Camper Trailer, this exclusive conversion results in the ultimate family bush tourer with two flip-over tents and everything you need!

    More info can be seen on the GT Campers website at http://www.gtcampers.com.au






Information from Glenn Torrens

article by Rob



February 2011