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Mount Franklin weekend camp


Victorian members meet - Mount Franklin

Held on the weekend of Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of November 2005


    Sheryl and I arrived early Friday hoping to secure a great spot at the end of the campground with a large communal fireplace. Unfortunately others had beaten us to it so we settled for a flattish area on the right-hand side.

    No sooner had we set up the campers slowly started arriving.  By late Friday some seven campsites had been established, most arriving throughout the day on Saturday with the last camper arriving Saturday evening, and one day tripper on Sunday.  All together we had 18 campsites (three in tents).

    The weather varied from overcast and cool on Saturday to beautiful sunshine on the Sunday.  It was a relaxed affair, with the usual socialising and comparing of the latest camper mods and gadgets.  Some took the crater rim walk and/or a trip to the chocolate mill or into Daylesford to various places of interest.

    Jeff  Pethybridge demonstrated the art of Irish dancing on a tyre (it looked like a great Jig to me).  Actually he was very energetically demonstrating how to break a tyre seal with tyre pliers.

    Friday and Saturday nights saw great fireside meets with lots of laughter and chatter amongst the group.  All had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new.

    The gorgeous weather on Sunday saw many of us trying to squeeze every last moment out of the weekend.  Sheryl and I finally tore ourselves away at around 7 pm leaving Robert (robmar) and  Paul, Leanne and Anne (ljsroslyn) holding down the fort and staying on for an extra day.

    Thanks to everyone who attended for a great time.   Sheryl and I enjoyed your company enormously and we’re looking forward to the next one!

     Attendees were (sorry if I missed some names)


Mike and Sheryl

Ultimate Camper

Russel & Helen (and Rex)

Aussie Swag

Ron & Shirley

Goldstream Link

Dale, Lynda, Liam & Alexander

Aussie Swag

Peter, Julie, Mitch & Madelene ( and Streaky)

Dingo Off Road &

Luche, Miki, Julia & Aaron

Tambo Off Road

Jeff P, Joshua & friend

Dingo (Modified to the Extreme)

Dave & Edith and Family

Trak Shak

Ray & Sue

The New Baby ( Motor Home)

Roy & Anne

Off Road Caravan

Karen, Dale, Emily, Nick & Jeremy


Stan, Ellen, Michael, Robert & Alisa

Tambo in Waiting (day visitor)

Paul, Leanne & Anne

Southern Cross Off Road & Tent

Carl & Barb


Robert (& Cousin Danny)

Cub Kamparoo


Water Proof Dingo

Nigel, Lynette, Melissa, Jodie & Hope

Jayco Phoenix (non Members)

Adam & Family

Tent (non Members)

Matthew and Jill

Tent (non Members)


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