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Gulgong national meet 2015


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Gulgong 2015


caravan walkabout

Since the Australian CamperTrailers Group conception in 2001, members who once owned a camper trailer have grown a little older & stepped up into a caravan. Kevin Phillips hosted a caravan walkabout. Members gave a brief talk on what they liked about their caravan, points they didn't like & modifications they have done or they would like to do to make camping all that more enjoyable.



travelling with dogs

Jim and Joanne Roche hosted a chat on the topic of travelling with dogs, passing on their own experiences to others, from securing them while driving to keeping them safe at night away from predators.





camper trailer 12volt walkabout

Rob Sanderson hosted a camper 12volt walkabout. Members gave a short talk of their 12volt setup giving those who do not already have a 12volt battery, DC to DC charger or solar, an idea of what they need.





closing ceremony

Friday afternoon saw the closing ceremony. Kevin Phillips thanked everyone for their attendance, the fantastic time we had over the week, the friendships formed & the positive feeling of the event. He went on to thank the Gulgong Showground Trust & especially the groundsman Mal Holdsworth  who maintained the amenities & looked after our needs. Mal had lost his keys earlier in the week so Rob Sanderson presented him with a very large key that he would not loose.

Chris Pearson, Chairman of the Gulgong Holtermann Museum hoped members had an enjoyable stay in Gulgong & thanked everyone for choosing Gulgong as a venue for the national meet & for the generous donation towards the Gulgong Holtermann Museum which raised around $3,600.

Maurice Gaudry accepted a certificate of appreciation from Rob on behalf of Kevin Robson who hosted several afternoon talks over the week at the Henry Lawson Centre.

Gulgong Showground Trust Tresurer Joanne Trengove, along with Jason Cox drew the winning tickets of the raffle held over the week with proceeds going to the Gulgong Showground Trust. First prize was a thermal cooker donated by David & Jan Cook which was won by Kenya Lacey. Second prize was a BEST Water Filter donated by Colin & Natalie Hopgood from BEST Water Filters which was won by Geoff Robinson & third prize of a hose bag, food grade hose & fittings also donated by Colin & Natalie Hopgood from BEST Water Filters was won by Jenny Peisley.

Bruce Mcgregor from the Mid-Western Regional Council also hoped members enjoyed the visit to Gulgong & the community interaction over the week. He wished members a safe return journey home & hope to see them back in town again soon, especially to see the Gulgong Holtermann Museum.

Co-owner Rob Sanderson then thanked those who had presented workshops or activities during the week & personally gave each a certificate of appreciation. 

The Gulgong Bloopers award is for the funniest or most embarrassing moment over the week. This year it was awarded to Colin 'Scruffy' Tidey. Jason told how Col got up one morning & placed his solar panel in the sun. He repositioned it at regular intervals during the day to maximise the input recharging his batteries. At the end of the day as the sun got low, he decided to put his panels away & discovered the lead was not connected to the batteries. Col was absent but was awarded a prize of several Gulgong memorabilia items including a tea towel, stubby holders, a key ring, a badge pin, deck of cards & a replica $10 note showing the original buildings of Gulgong.

Spirit of the Group is awarded to a person who is brought to the attention of the CamperTrailers Group co-owners for a good hearted deed or generosity in helping others during the week long meet. This year the award was presented to Lindsay Jenkinson who is only to willing to help anyone with any problems they may have, especially 12volt, not only over the week of the national meet, but also at the many weekend get togethers he & Robyn attend. Rob presented Lindsey with the perpetual trophy donated by Neil & Margaret Morton. The trophy has special significance this year as Neil was tragically killed in a car accident only a two months before.

Mike Fretwell presented Rob with the Big Bertha ashes urn returned from another South Australian week long get together he had hosted. Rob told the story of how members Bob & Julie Gill had taken home a large firewood log from the 2012 Wellington national meet & took it along to the Flinders week long meet in May 2013.  After the log was burnt, affectionately known as 'Big Bertha', it was decided the ashes should be taken to the Batlow national meet where it would be presented to the Groups co-owners at the opening ceremony. In the meantime Phil Reid had turned an 'ashes' replica urn to hold the remains. Since then ashes from the national meets have been added. Rob then added the ashes of the Gulgong campfires.

During the course of the closing Kevin had been giving cryptic clues suggesting where next years national meet will be held. Jason then announced it would be held in his hometown of Ganmain near Wagga Wagga in the Riverina district of NSW over the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September 2016

With that Kevin declared the 11th national meet closed & hoped to see everyone again next year.


















See ya all next year at Ganmain

Rob, Kevin & Jason