past events

Gulgong national meet 2015

Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Gulgong 2015


12volt practical workshop

Shane Adam's hosted a 12volt wiring theory workshop. He spoke of the different components that were need in setting up a camper trailer or tow vehicle, the wiring sizes & how to crimp & solder terminals to the wire.





vehicle setup towing & touring

John Heath hosted a workshop on how to go about setting up a vehicle for touring & towing continuing on from his talk last year. He spoke about suspension upgrades, to air bags & weight distribution hitches which are used to level the vehicle up towing a caravan or camper trailer.

The choice of vehicle for the intended job is very important by matching the tow & ball weights of the trailer to the vehicle. John encouraged input from the group attending throughout the talk.



kids craft

Carol Sanderson along with grand daughter Brydie hosted a kids craft session. The kids made collages, cards & boxes from paddle pop sticks with materials provided by Carol. Everyone had a great time using the glues, papers, stickers & making things. Each of the kids received a little "party bag" when they left.


trailer bearings & maintenance

Rob Sanderson demonstrated how easy it was disassembling his camper trailer wheel hub showing the parts. He then spoke of what to look for in checking the bearing races for heat discoloration, pitting, scoring & any unevenness. While he had everything apart he showed how to check the axle for cracks where the machining of the stub begins. The technique to push grease into the races was shown, reassembling the hub & the process of tightening the castle nut, inserting the split pin & placing the dust cap back on.



cobb workshop

Jill Skinner showed how the popular Cobb Cooker can be used as an alternative for cooking a range of food as she prepared the evenings meal instead of using a camp oven or pots & pans on a gas stove.

The Cobb uses heat beads as a heat source & can be used as an oven, a barbecue, a smoker or a stove. Jill showed have meat roasts, chicken & baked vegies can be cooked along with even sponge cakes.



trivia night

Dave & Jan Cook with Dave & Joy Wilkinson held a trivia night in the Glen Innes showground pavilion. The popular event was well attended & once again a great success with plenty of friendly rivalry between the tables as teams sort the perpetual winners trophy which was donated by Jamie Hazelden of Jamie's Touring Solutions. The proceeds of the gold coin donation went to Gulgong's Holtermann Collection Museum.