past events

Gulgong national meet 2015


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Gulgong 2015


first aid kit contents

Phil Selman have a talk of what is a good idea to keep in a first aid travel kit for camping & travelling. Those attending the workshop also spoke what they carried from their experiances.



pamper session for women

Carol Sanderson's pamper was a little different from previous ones in that I decided to make it a more natural type of pamper. Carol made a body butter and a hand scrub. For the scrub raw sugar and olive oil were used which the ladies loved and noticed much smoother hands. The body butter is made with several different butters and oils which was pre prepared by Carol with everyone having a small cupcake size sample to use.

Kim gave a small talk on her home made skin care range too. Of course the most fun was the couple of games with all the ladies laughing. There were prizes and lucky door gifts too.






camper trailer walkabout

Dave Cook hosted the popular camper trailer walkabout once again. Members gave a brief talk on what they liked about their camper trailer, points they didn't like & modifications they have done or they would like to do to make camping all that more enjoyable.







freedom camping

Rob Sanderson spoke on what was needed to enjoy remote camping away from caravan parks. A good 12volt setup was first needed with solar charging along with a reliable water & food supply as well as necessary spares parts. There were various websites to find free & low cost camps such as the Camps Australia Wide book & the WikiCamps app.



led 12volt lighting

Shane Adams demonstrated the latest in LED lighting from QLED Superior LED Technology.