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Baradine national meet 2011


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Bardine 2011



    The Australian CamperTrailers Group's 7th national meet was held at Camp Cypress in Baradine, 45 kilometres north west of Coonabarabran off the Newell Highway on the New South Wales Northwest Slopes & Plains over the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th of September 2011. Baradine & in particular Camp Cypress offers an excellent location to explore both the Piliga Forest & the nearby Warrumbungles National Park.

    The meet attracted around 112 camper trailers, caravans & tents with over 250 people from as far a field as Western Australia. With this number we really added to Bardine's population of 800 people who were only too pleased to share their town with us all. The hospitality shown to members of the CamperTrailers Group by the local Baradine community will be held in our hearts for some time.

    It was no surprise having some of the best rain makers in the country camped in the one spot when the heavens opened delivering around 40mm, much to the delight of the local residents, although some of us campers ended up with soggy ground underfoot. A big thanks to those who jumped in & helped move Ian & Edythe to higher ground.

    As the temperature dropped after dark the smell of burning cypress timber filled the air as well as plenty of laughter was heard from the many campfires. Camp Cypress was able to supply us with enough wood to keep everyone warm.

    Driving down the main street you could not help notice all the posters on the shop windows welcoming the CamperTrailers Group to town. These were made by the kids from the two local schools & depicted camper trailers & camping scenes.

    A big thanks to Barry & Margaret Pierce who helped us during the busy influx over the weekend with more than 100 camper trailers arriving on the Saturday & Sunday. While Marg helped Carol with admin duties, Barry filled in by telling the new arrivals a few bad jokes while Rob & Kev where out settling in the camper trailers that had previously arrived.

    A huge thanks goes to Gina from Camp Cypress who kept the amenities sparkling even during the damp times when we could not help trample bark chips inside. Carol presented her with a little gift for her kind efforts. Although often working behind the scenes, Garnet the Camp Cypress caretaker was always on hand & nothing was an effort. 


sunday opening

    Sunday evening saw the start of the week with the grand opening in the old showgrounds rustic pavilion. Group co-owner Kevin Phillips welcomed members to the 7th national meet & thanked the Camp Cypress committee for the effort that went into the preparation before our arrival. He then went on to tell of the groups beginnings in September 2001 & how the group has grown to over 6100 members with the present day popularity of camper trailers. 

    The Warrumbungle Shire Mayor, Cr Peter Shinton, welcomed the group to town & wished us all a pleasant stay pointing out some of the local sights worth looking at. Neil McDonald, Chairman of the Camp Cypress board also welcomed the group to Baradine. National Parks and Wildlife Service area manager Jon Whittall looked forward to having us along for the three guided tours the national parks where conducting over the week & explained what we could see.

    It just so happened the following Friday was when the group was started some ten years ago. Forth generation baker in Mudgee, Peter & Liza McDonald rallied to the occasion with a huge mud cake decorated with the CamperTrailers Groups logo. Rob, Kevin & Jason then cut the cake.

    Group co-owner Rob Sanderson went on to outline the itinerary for the week with workshops held by members on a variety of subjects relating to camper trailers & camping in general. Being an internet based group there are subjects where the information cannot be easily exchanged through typing & this is where face to face workshops come into their own.

    Group co-owner Jason Cox outlined the communities involvement on Wednesday's Baradine Day. It was an understatement to say the town was thrilled to see us there. Activities included a cooked breakfast by the two local schools, street stalls, barefoot lawn bowls, a baked dinner & a one man band to finish the night off.

   Joy and Dave Wilkinson hosted another 'Getting to Know You' session at the end of the opening while everyone celebrated with a slice of birthday mud cake.
























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Coonabarabran Times
Thursday, 29th September, 2011
Coonabarabran Times
Thursday, 6th October, 2011
Coona Times
13th October, 2011



















8:00 Communal Area
Breakfast for charity cooked by the local community







9:00 Jamie’s Camper
Solar, 12volt & batteries
Jamie Hazelden



9:00 Jamie’s Camper
 DC-DC chargers
Jamie Hazelden


in Baradine
street stalls
local community  


9:00 Car Tours
Pilliga Scrub
National Parks
strictly 10 cars
per tour


9:00  Communal Hut
coffee table trip book making from your photos
Geoff Lane


9:00 Communal Kitchen
 workshop for kids
Wendie Hume



9:00  Communal Hut
Reptile keeping
Clancy Skinner



at Camp Cypress
Pony rides
Baradine Pony Club


9:00 Communal Hut
Camper design
Bob Sproston



11:00  Dave Cook's Camper
Camper Walkabout
Dave Cook


11:00 Communal Area
Morning Tea


 11:00 Communal Area
Hardy's Vs Softy's
Bolle competition
George Mavros



11:00 Rob & Carol's Camper
Wheel bearing maintenance
Rob Sanderson



11:00 Communal Hut
Hitchmaster securing system
George Mavros








12:00 Car Tours
Pilliga Scrub
National Parks
strictly 10 cars
per tour


11:00  Communal Kitchen
Pamper session for ladies
Carol  Sanderson







1:00 Communal Hut
Safari Can
Gary Roberson



1:00 Communal Hut
what to do with digital photos
Joy Wilkinson


1:00 Baradine
Barefoot lawn bowls
Baradine Bowling Club


1:00 Kev's Camper
 Lithium ion batteries
Kevin Phillips


1:00 Dave Cook's Camper
Camper Walkabout
Dave Cook



1:00 Communal Kitchen
Ladies craft & chat
Carol Sanderson



1:00 Communal Area
Compass Game for adults & kids
Matt Stone




3:00 Jill's Camper
Cobb workshop
Jill Skinner



3:00 Rob & Carol's Camper
Dreampot workshop
Jenny Peisley



at Camp Cypress
Horse & Sulky rides


3:00 Communal Hut
Destination West Coast
Neil Morton




4:00 Communal Area
Closing Event
Rob, Kevin & Jason





5:00 Communal Area
Tame the toilet tent & Happy Hour



5:00 Communal Kitchen
Baked Dinner
Local Community


5:00 Communal Area
Happy Hour

Audio Book Swap
Greg Carthew

Book Swap
Carolyn Davis

Kids Lollie Hunt
Peter & Helen Hartwig







7:00 Communal Kitchen
Trivia Night
Dave & Jan Cook
Dave & Joy Wilkinson



7:00 Jamie’s Camper
what's new in LED lighting
Jamie Hazelden



7:00 Communal Area
evenings entertainment
Bush Dance with Local Band







Sunday opening
Getting to Know You
Dave & Joy Wilkinson



tenth birthday


Spirit of the Group
a nice favour or gesture during the week
the one who best represents the group
perpetual trophy



Baradine Blunders
dob in your mate
funniest or most embarrassing moment during the week


Camp Cypress


raffle for charity
Trimax deluxe universal wheel lock
laminated steel padlocks
Alan & Amanda Haworth