past events

Baradine national meet 2011


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Bardine 2011



understanding dc-dc chargers  

    Shane's workshop was on the topic of DC to DC chargers which have become a very popular way to recharge remotely located batteries like those in a camper trailer. Only too often the length of cable needed from the alternator to the camper trailer battery can cause a problem with voltage drop, however by placing a DC to DC charger next to the camper battery, it boosts the voltage ensuring the battery is charged to 100% capacity while on the move. He then out lined the types of isolators available & how they operate to charge two batteries under the bonnet or a battery in the camper.






reptile keeping

    Clancy Skinner is a keen reptile keeper & was eager to share his knowledge on the subject. The kids got to feel what a snake was like as Sharon took a black-headed python around for everyone to touch. 




campoven morning tea

    The Tuesday morning tea was a special event as it gave everyone time to meet up for a chat. Members brought a cuppa along with a variety of treats they had cooked in camp using what ever means including the camp oven, Cobb or Dreampot etc. The table of food looked fantastic.








what to do with your digital photos

    Joy Wilkinson hosted a workshop & showed what to do with the many digital photos you take on trips.




compass game

    Matt Stone organised a compass game for both kids & adults alike. This involved stepping out directions via a compass bearing over a course with the purpose of ending at the right location.




dream pot

    Jenny Peisley held a workshop on the use of the Dreampot at Rob & Carol's camper. The Dream Pot consists of a double layer insulated outer pot with one or two stainless steel inner pots & lids which can be used as saucepans.

    The cooking process is very simple. All you need do is place the ingredients into the inner pot & gently boil on your stove for the required short time based on the recipe. Then place the inner pot directly into the Dream Pot & close the lid.

    The thermo cooking process now starts by cooking the food in the residual heat. No further monitoring is required during this process allowing you the convenience of going about other tasks or while you are travelling. Your meal cannot burn, boil over or overcook. After the necessary thermo cooking time in the Dream Pot the meal is ready to serve up to eight hours later. Thanks for sharing dinner with us Jenny.




tame the toilet tent

    One of the funniest events at a CamperTrailers Group national meet has to be the 'Tame the Toilet Tent Competition' at happy hour, as you can see by the laughter on the audience in the photos. Members are timed folding the change tent back to pack away shape & the fastest to do so is the winner. There was a tie for first place with both Greg Carthew & Greg Roberson being declared winners.


lighting on the market

    Shane Adams presented a LED lighting workshop showing the different types of lighting available, the beam they threw & also the intensity of light produced. In recent times there has been huge advancements in LED lighting technology which is even better for us camper trailer owners as the price has also fallen. Shane showed what was now available from LED flexible strips with self adhesive backs to those on adjustable velcro backing which can be placed anywhere. Of interest was the hard cased waterproofed LED strip lights of different lengths throwing much more light than ever before. The benefit of LED lighting is they draw little power from the battery.          

    He then showed how well placed LED work lights on the rear of his Patrol could light up the area before showing the benefits of upgraded headlights & driving lights on both his & Jamie's vehicles.