past events

Baradine national meet 2011


Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Bardine 2011


camper design

    Bob Sproston has been busy designing camper trailers with a difference & took the opportunity to show what he had & also asked for feedback from camper trailer owners in what they would like to see included. He demonstrated via a model of what can be achieved where one mould section can develop thirty-three combinations depending on what the customer required.




wheel bearing maintenance 

    Rob Sanderson held his camper trailer wheel bearing workshop for the 5th year. Maintaining your own camper wheel bearings is something anybody can do & Rob showed just how easy it was. He disassembled his camper trailer hub showing the parts, then told of what to look for in checking the bearing races for heat discoloration, pitting, scoring & any unevenness. While he had everything apart he showed how to check the axle for cracks where the machining of the stub begins. He then showed the technique to push grease into the races & reassembled the hub & the process of tightening the castle nut, inserting the split pin & placing the dust cap back on.




pamper session for women

    A large number of ladies and young girls joined in on Carol's pamper session, a trained Mary Kay consultant. On arrival everyone had a satin hand smoothie. There was then a game with a few prizes to break the ice.  She then went on to give everyone a hydrating facial along with a pedi spa. Lucky door prizes were awarded.




lithium ion batteries

    Kevin Philips started his lithium battery workshop talking about lead acid batteries, their properties & charging characteristics. He then went on to discuss the different ways a battery could be tested for capacity. In comparison he discussed the properties, charging & discharging characteristics of lithium batteries suitable for use in vehicles & especially camper trailers. The advantage is maximum use of a smaller & lighter battery over a lead acid. Initial outlay was perhaps the biggest downfall, although the life expectancy of a lithium battery far outweighed that of a lead acid.     





destination the west coast

    Neil Morton shared his knowledge of the Western Australian trip he had done in August to early December last year, pointing out some key factors including trip preparation, quarantine requirements driving east to west, passes for national parks & information on various areas. Preparation is the key involving an itinerary, fuel supplies, water and food as well as the vehicle and trailer including tyres, to name a few. If you are trying to see the most of WA then it is better to travel anticlockwise, seeing the Kimberly area in winter, Pilbara, Gasgoyne and Coral Coast in spring and late spring to early summer in the southwest corner. Neil recommended must see locations are the Kimberly, Pilbara region, wild flowers west of Geraldton, New Norcia, Perth surrounds, the giant forests & parts of the Golden Outback.




happy hour, audio book swap & lolly hunt

    A number of members gathered for a happy hour in the pavilion to have a chat over a drink & nibbles. While everyone was together Greg Carthew took the opportunity to hold an audio book swap & Carolyn Davis a book swap. Peter & Helen Hartwig conducted a lolly hunt for the kids.