past events

Nyngan national meet 2009



Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Nyngan 2009



tai chi

    Rob Sanderson held another tai chi morning session. He explained the importance of breathing, the movement of the body & how it is carried upright during tai chi. After different warm up exercises from Tuesday's session the class went through shibashi 2, a further set of 18 exercises which the movements of tai chi is based on. 




camper trailer walkabout

    Dave Cook once again hosted another well attended camper trailer walkabout. Members give a brief talk on what they like about their camper, points they don't like & modifications they have done  or they would like to do to make camping all that more enjoyable.


pamper session for women

    There were around 30 ladies and young girls who joined in on Carol's pamper session, a trained Mary Kay consultant.  After a few games to break the ice she went on to give everyone a go at a mini facial & hand smoothing. One game had five prizes & the other one prize.




wheel bearing maintenance 

    Rob Sanderson held his camper trailer wheel bearing workshop for the fourth year, this time at Dave & Joy Wilkinson's camper trailer overseeing Dave & giving him a little confidence in talking the job himself. Maintaining your own camper wheel bearings is something anybody can do & Rob showed just how easy it was guiding Dave trough the steps.

   Dave disassembled the camper trailer hub showing the parts. Rob then told of what to look for in checking the bearing races for heat discoloration, pitting, scoring & any unevenness. While he had everything apart he showed how to check the axle for cracks where the machining of the stub begins.

    He then showed the technique to push grease into the races & reassembled the hub & the process of tightening the nut.




closing ceremony

    All good things must come to an end. Kevin thanked everyone who attended the week long meet & also thanked those who hosted workshops. A special thanks was extended to the Nyngan community for making us all feel so welcome &  to Jack, Dione & family, Anita & staff for the hospitality & the perfect venue to hold the Australian CamperTrailers Groups 5th national meet.

    The Bogan Shire Mayor Ray Donald was also in attendance thanking everyone for choosing Nyngan as a venue & wished us the best of luck & a safe journey home.

    Wendy Clissold representing the Bogan Community Tourism & Business Group accepted the $616 which was raised during Wednesday evenings entertainment by Tony Hunt.

    Skye Dedman the director of Nyngan Preschool was on hand to draw the four winning tickets from the raffle held during the week. The four commercial grade padlocks & vinyl coated coil cables were donated by members Alan & Amanda Haworth. We managed to raise $400 for the preschool via the raffle. She also accepted the $320 which was raised during the auction held on the Wednesday night.

    Brian Sommerville ran a GPS event during the week known as 'getting to know Nyngan'. He supplied two Camps5 books as prizes & presented these to the winners.

   'Tame the Toilet Tent Competition' winners Gary & Allie Roberson where presented a prize donated by Ian Porteous from Dreamtime Campers. The kids section was won by Allie Roberson, Jarrod Delatorre & Suzanna Lawler with prizes courteous of Rob & Carol Sanderson.



Spirit of the Group
someone who best represents the group over the week

    Carolyn Davis loves experimenting with her camp cooking, whether it be in the campoven using heatbeads, coals from the campfire & also with the Cobb cooker. She presented everyone around her with tasty morsels & went to the extent of taking plates of food around the campground for a taste test. 

She won a super fluro light & torch donated by Dynamic Solar Solutions





Nyngan Shenanigans
funniest or most embarrassing moment during the week

photo David Cook

    sump plug escapades

    It all started when Alan Randahl was topping up his vehicle's engine oil. He was too busy talking rather than concentrating on what he was doing & poured too much oil in. So he decided to drive out to the dump & park on a slope so he could crawl under the vehicle & release some oil.

    His wife Mary Anne thought she would go for a walk & leave him to deal with the problem. Suddenly she heard him yelling for help. She raced over & found him with his finger stuck up the hole, thrushing around trying to reach the sump plug which had rolled down the slope out of reach.

    After he had replaced the plug the only damage was to his pride & nose finger. Mary Anne wasn't sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for him.

Dobbed in by Mary Randahl

expanding air hose & light prizes donated by Dynamic Solar Solutions



    We had a range of lucky door prizes from Dreamtime Campers, Jenny & Doug Peisley & also from Rob & Carol. These where drawn from the hat & members had a choice of a prize. The kids received facepaint courtesy  of Jenny & Doug Peisley.

    Kevin wished everyone a safe journey & hoped to see all next year at the sixth national meet at a location to be announced soon. 



See ya all next year.