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Nyngan national meet 2009



Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Nyngan 2009


nyngan wednesday

    Last year we made Wednesday a community day where the region was promoted & this year was no exception. While members took advantage of the free boat rides on the Bogan River or the horse drawn wagon rides through the park & into the nearby Lions Park provided by the Riverside Caravan Park, others visited the Nyngan region.

    Thanks to the Bogan Region tourist information handouts from Donna Pumpa of the Bogan Shire Council some members took off on the 250km Cobb & Co Heritage Trail self guided tour or the shorter 130km tour. Places included Girilambone, Coolabah, Buckiinguy & Willie Retreat.

    The volunteer run Mid-State Shearing Shed in Nyngan is a replica shearing shed & museum dedicated to the people of the shearing industry. The museum pays tribute to the shearers, shearer's cooks & contractors. There is also a variety of souvenirs & locally made craft items for sale.  



    Wednesday started with breakfast being cooked by the Bogan Community, Tourism & Business Group with money raise going to this newly formed group which missed out on badly needed government funding. The CamperTrailers Group raised $505. Well done.


horse drawn wagon rides

    During the day the Riverside Caravan Park provided horse drawn wagon rides which were well received by young & old alike.   


powerboat rides on the bogan    

    Also as a Nyngan Day treat the Riverside Caravan Park made use of their powered pontoon boat giving people a look along a one kilometre stretch of the Bogan River downstream. There was plenty of birdlife along the river.  






helicopter rides    

    Riverside Caravan Park owner Jack Carter brought his helicopter in from their nearby property to provide helicopter rides.




evenings entertainment

    Thanks to Dione Carter for organising the live performance by middle of the road singer/guitar artist Tony Hunt on the Wednesday evening. The hat was passed around & the CamperTrailers Group managed to raise $616 in donations for the Bogan Community, Tourism & Business Group. Our own 16 year old Jessica Cox was also coaxed into singing a few songs.

    During one of Tony's breaks several items which had been given to us by members of the group were auctioned. These included a Ctek 7000 battery charger donated by Alan Dunshea, a sleeping bag donated by Doug & Jenny Peisley & a replica antique lantern donated by David & Jan Cook. $320 was raised for the Nyngan Preschool. Ray Dederer said he will now be able to charge his camper trailer battery, Dione Carter will be able to sleep warm on overnight horseriding trips & George Marvos didn't really know what he was going to do with the lantern.