past events

Nyngan national meet 2009



Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Nyngan 2009



uhf/hf radio

    A UHF, HF & Amateur Radio workshop was given by Kevin Beckwith, Ron Dickson & Alan Dunshea. Workshops like this gives members the chance to get face to face, one on one feedback, rather than the usual quetions & replies via the CamperTrailers Group.

    Kevin Beckwith started the session discussing the aspects of UHF use as a means of communicating between vehicles travelling together   or other road users. He then went on to aerials & the different types & their suitability in different types of terrain. 

    Ron Dickson discussed what was needed to set up a UHF radio in your vehicle & the costs involved, including a yearly club membership where you are able to use the channels allocated to that club.

    Alan Dunshea then went on to give us a view of what Amateur Radio was all about with his personal insight. Operators enjoy worldwide wireless communications with others while supporting their communities with emergency & disaster communications if necessary.


what's new in gps

    Brian Sommerville is a camper trailer owner & a keen member of the Australian CamperTrailers Group. He also owns GPGOZ & we are very fortunate to have him come along again this year & share with us more from the world of GPS. Brain first looked at how GPS worked & the various forms around to help us in our everyday life getting from point A to point B in the city & also as a navigation aid when on the road touring & along the bush track.

    He also bought along a range of new GPS equipment that has been recently released & explained their use. We appreciate his input.




royden anchor demonstration

    George Mavros demonstrated a prototype version of the Royden Anchor, a product soon to be released by a NSW Central Coast inventor. A pipe with auger is screwed into the ground & can then be used as an anchor point to winch a bogged vehicle from. There are a number of of other uses, especially to the 4wder or camper trailer owner.

    One is to secure your solar panel with steel cable & a lock via the Royden Anchor so it cannot be stolen. Another use is to secure a steel chest to the ground which might contain valuables like a camera, video, binoculars or wallets. It can also be used as a light pole stand.


damper on a stick

 Sharon Wheatley showed the kids how to make a damper & cook it on a stick. The kids love the campfire & even better when they can cook marshmellows or something they can eat.




cash, trash & swap

    We are always open to suggestions to make the national meets a little different & interesting. This year we tried a Cash, Trash & Swap event during happy hour. Members were invited to bring along any unwanted camping gear that could be sell, give away or swap for something else. A few brought their unwanted camping gear & a there were a number of bargains done.