past events

Nyngan national meet 2009



Australian CamperTrailers
national meet at Nyngan 2009




tai chi

    Tuesday morning started with a early session of tai chi with Rob Sanderson. He explained where tai chi had come from, the different forms around & the basics of tai chi moments & breathing techniques. After the warm up exercises he moved through shibashi one, a set of 18 exercises that the tai chi form is based on & is taught before learning the 108 moves of the Khor Style Sun Tai Chi form.  




understanding invertors   

Unfortunately Bainbridge technologies Queensland sales manager Justin Welsh could not be with us for his planned workshop, but Jamie jumped into the spot to explain what a 240volt invertor does & the different types suitable for the camper trailer owner who wishes to use 240volt accessories from a 12volt source. An invertor produces 240volt electricity from a 12volt battery to run a variety of appliances from TV's, videos or computers & also battery charges to recharge your camera or video batteries while out camping.

    Jamie also explained how to size a suitable invertor for your own requirements & the safety aspects of using 240volt.




animal beadies

    Sharon Wheatley held an animal beadies workshop..... what's that I hear you say. Using coloured glass beads the kids threaded them onto fishing line to make a variety of shapes.




boles competition

    The first annual softfloor V's hardfloor (tin billycans) camper trailer boles competition was played at this years Nyngan meet. Kevin presented the hardfloor owners with the perpetual winners trophy.






cobb workshop

    Jill Skinner showed how the popular Cobb Cooker can be used in camp as an alternative for cooking a range of food traditionally cooked in the camp oven. With the use of heat beads as a heat source the Cobb can be used as an oven, a barbecue, a smoker or a stove.

Jill was cooking a the evening dinner & went through the steps of what was needed, lighting the heat beads, placing the saucepan in the Cobb & placing the lid on top.




tame the toilet tent

    One of the funniest events at a CamperTrailers Group national meet has to be the 'Tame the Toilet Tent Competition' at happy hour, as you can see by the laughter on the audience in the photos. Members are timed folding the change tent back to pack away shape & the fastest to do so is the winner. This years winner as well as last was Gary Roberson with daughter Allie.

    The kids section was won by Allie Roberson, Jarrod Delatorre & Suzanna Lawler.


trivia night

    Dave & Jan Cook held a trivia night assisted by Dave & Joy Wilkinson. As you can see by the photos below the event was well attended & a great success. There was plenty of friendly rivalry between the tables as teams sort the winners trophy.